4th grade reading circles wishes

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4th grade reading circles wishes

gen. 4, 1:03am

I read this in the advanced group for the fourth grade reading circles. I remember thinking the book looked kind of old and boring compared to what the other kids were reading, but I did enjoy it. It isn’t a book I’ve heard of as a classic I don’t think? It had some element of people making wishes, and I think the word wish might have been in the title but I’m not sure. I think the wishes might have been made through some sort of tickets that a man gave the kids? There were definitely consequences for making wishes and they didn’t turn out as intended. Please help if this sounds familiar!

gen. 4, 10:47pm

The Well-Wishers by Edward Eager?

gen. 21, 7:02am

Half Magic also by Edward Eager?

gen. 21, 8:53am

The Wish Giver by Bill Brittain? My fifth grade class read it and I played Rowena in our play. She wishes her traveling salesman sweetheart would "put down roots" and stay in town and he turns into a tree. All the wishes are granted in a literal manner.