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Lisa Page, genius

gen. 4, 11:41am

The Durham and Graham investigations came up again, improbably, during a discussion of what Page has been doing with her time in the final months of 2020. Page explained that she has gone off Twitter, been meditating every day, and has organized her clothes. "My clothing drawers had gotten out of hand," she said, "and now they are beautiful."

That led Page to discuss her extensive collection of suits. The FBI has a very conservative clothing culture, she noted, and she wore a suit to work every day. Over the years, she accumulated dozens of suits. They became part of her identity as an FBI official. But that came to an end with her departure from the bureau in 2018. "Six months after leaving the FBI, I looked at my gigantic closet full of suits, and I was like, 'OK, I don't need all of these any more," Page said. She resolved to get rid of some. She threw out several on her own, then asked a friend to help her get rid of the 20-something suits that remained. "At the end of it all, I have one suit," she said proudly. "I have one suit in my closet."

That is where Durham and Graham came in. "Any more, even if I get called to Congress, or Durham, or whatever, like I'm not wearing a full-on suit for you motherf---ers," Page said. "Like, f--- you. Like, I'm going to wear whatever I damn well please."

Page's FBI career was ended by the controversy over anti-Trump texts she exchanged with Peter Strzok, the senior FBI official with whom she was having an extramarital affair.

gen. 4, 1:02pm

Trump proves once again that he is both corrupt and impotent.

gen. 4, 2:52pm

So, does Trump flee with all his worldly possessions (outstanding loan papers and other debt documents) to Scotland once the Palm Beach lawyers throw him out of the "Southern WH" and shut down his business that he's been running in an exclusive residential neighborhood?

His golf course over there posted a $90 million loss, according to his tax disclosures. Of the 3 witches of Endor that could accompany him, I think only two will. Melania is likely to give him a good-bye wave and divorce papers. Just not a Scotland kind of girl. She'll head right back to NYC and hunt up another sugar daddy sans political aspirations. Daughter and WH aide will trot along, unless Jared grows a foot and puts it down. His refuge of choice will be Israel.

Watching their emigration efforts will be 2021's Trump entertaining "reality" show.

gen. 4, 3:23pm

>3 Limelite: I think you are correct about Melania Trump wanting to ditch the loser and head back to her favourite city. I can see Jared Kushner running to Israel, but his spouse may not feel like going, since she has 'ambitions'.

Trump may be putting it out there that he might head to Scotland, but Scotland will be preparing their own warm welcome for him:

gen. 4, 3:48pm

>4 MsMixte:

He'll regret it. Cheeseburger aren't big in Scotland. Oatmeal mush and haggis are. Scones are nice though, especially in summer with strawberries and clotted cream.

gen. 4, 9:21pm

Morons hijack threads.

gen. 4, 9:44pm

>5 Limelite:. Just what is clotted cream?