Should Republican Insurrectionist House Members Be Unseated

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Should Republican Insurrectionist House Members Be Unseated

gen. 6, 8:01pm

Members of the House who are deemed unsuitable to serve can be unseated by its membership. Rep. Cori Bush has formally called on Speaker Pelosi to exercise her legal power to refuse to let the members who signed onto the coup attempt to actually steal the election from the people be seated. She has specifically called for their expulsion.

One female Republican House member who had signed onto the steal the vote document fled her association in a statement issued about 7:30 this evening.

Certainly any elected member of either body of Congress who attended Trump's incitement rally and or spoke themselves while there in support of his agenda should be expelled and prosecuted to the fullest extent of any laws that apply.

gen. 6, 8:06pm

I would tend to agree with the last. Some members will no doubt stumble all over themselves to swear that reports of their having stood with the Coup Klutz Klan were vastly overstated. Some who have been publicly circumspect will probably get away with that. But the ones that can be need to be nailed to the wall. We need a raft of special elections.