Democratic Leaders Move on Trump's Removal

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Democratic Leaders Move on Trump's Removal

gen. 7, 2:59pm

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for Trump's "immediate removal. Speaker Pelosi announces that if Pence does not commence invoking the 25th Amendment today, the House will begin Impeachment II immediately.

Republicans promised that "the stain of impeachment will restrain him" after Impeachment I ended by the Senate's failure to convict. Trump made complete fools out of them yesterday with his con of "presidential behavior."

After learning that Trump's own advisors and longtime friends have used words like "monster," and "lost it," and "out of his mind" in describing his behavior during the insurrectionist violence that he himself incited, Pelosi insisted that Trump's removal must come at once. Her reason was clear and explicit, "He is a danger to the lives of Americans and so unfit to serve." Her opinion is bolstered again by an advisor to Trump who said yesterday, "He can not be reasoned with. He is a monster!"

Pelosi went on to hold Republican leadership and VP Pence's feet to the fire. "If they do not invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump, today preferably, the House will begin impeachment."

Beyond placing responsibility of yesterday's riots squarely at Trump's harangue beforehand, Republican congressmembers are voicing support for Trump's removal, one from IL and a newly elected representative from Charleston, SC have sided with Democrats and voiced there disapprobation for Trump's and members of their party's lies to the American people that provoked the violence, including the bloodless coup attempt over ECVs that was interrupted by an attempted bloody coup by MAGArioters.

The Ball of Righteousness, moral and legal, is in the Republican Party's court to live up to their outraged and righteous remarks when Congress reconvened following the quelling of the MAGA storm troopers.

America is standing by, waiting to see which political party truly represents the support for the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Well, Republicans, what are you going to do about your tyrant?

gen. 7, 5:26pm

Nothing will be done.

gen. 7, 8:39pm

>3 Limelite: Interesting, I hadn't heard that he'd fled to Camp David. But, supposedly "I am a farmer" Nunes is getting his Presidential Seal of Approval tomorrow in a private ceremony...although, perhaps it's private because it's taking place at Camp David.

Reminds me of Hitler awarding medals to the children who were supposed to be defending Berlin.

Editat: gen. 8, 2:51pm

I have never been that accurate a prognosticator but I will predict:

- Mikey Pense, being the non-entity and momma's boy that he is, will never invoke the 25th Amendment. He probably has to invoke his mommy (his wife) to wipe his undersized ass after he does a poo-poo.

- tRUMP will be impeached for the SECOND time - IF he does not resign soon (odds very much against) or does not stoke out early next week (not bad odds, considering he's a fat fuck who eats cheeseburgers and fried fish sandwiches in bed nightly).

- if tRUMP WERE to try something utterly dangerous and insane (let your mind free associate here) the Joint Chiefs of Staff will give tRUMP the "rabid dog treatment" - if you know what I mean - which would be for the best for everyone, including tRUMP, if it came to that.

What I am really waiting to see: what will be done about the criminal trespass of the hundreds of insurrectionists/terrorists/anarchists shitwads who tried their best to overthrow our government through violent means. The authorities have many of their faces on video and can identify and find them. If these Tools of Satan are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law then I suppose they then become equivalent to their Dear Leader - i.e., above the law. Fuck that shit - they should not be put in jail - they should be put UNDER a jail. Motherfuck those unwashed ignorant mega-loser red-capped white-faced blue-balled dipshit motherfuckers.

gen. 8, 2:56pm

>5 JGL53: re the rioters - I hope that the reason they were coddled wasn't that the police empathized with them or were afraid of them.

Editat: gen. 8, 5:05pm

> 6

Video exists of more than one Capitol (white) policeman hanging out with and even taking selfies with the filthy rioting scofflaws. They are thus identified and should join their anarchist buddies in the dock to face criminal charges.

I don't understand this whole situation. Do the powers that be just hire any random (white) guy off the street with no background check done and then just give him a uniform, a badge and a gun and then just turn him loose and hope for the best? If so then I floccinaucinihilipilificate that policy. No, really, I am seriously pissed.

This whole debacle will be the genesis of an overhaul of the security system at the Capitol, one HOPES. Otherwise this shit will just happen again.

Many comments have been made concerning the obvious fact that the (mainly white) rioters were handled with kid gloves, as opposed the fact that if they had been black the bodies would have piled up like stove-wood, probably in the hundreds.

Well, when Uncle Joe takes the reins the situation of criminal justice better begin to immediately improve and a whole lot too or we the people will just have to call for his ass to be impeached and removed.
Something has to change. The doors WILL open to some positive change - and I don't care if it harelips everybody on Bear Creek.

gen. 8, 6:09pm

What's to keep Trump from pardoning the insurrectionists?

gen. 8, 6:34pm

Biden Is Effectively President of USA

By mere fact he's exhibiting that he's in charge, saying the right things, and increasingly adding details to a) priorities b) programs c) policies and d) practices of his incoming administration. Listening to his press conference that followed his presentation of nominees for Economic team and for Dept. of Labor it was obvious that this will be presidency working for the people not a personality.

Bipartisan panel of economists assure Biden that deficit spending will save the American economy and will be cheaper to the taxpayer than doing nothing. Mr. Presently President Biden emphasize that, unlike Trump, the huge stimulus will go to "Mom & Pop" businesses, banks will receive clear instructions who they are authorized to release the money to; heavy oversight and auditing will be done on dispersal and accounting; fraud and theft will not be tolerated; participants throughout the administration down to the recipients will be charged to meet the standard of transparency and accounting, that he oversaw at the direction of President Obama when they saved America from the financial abyss with their multi-trillion dollar effort. That economy-saving stimulus had 2/3s of 1% abuse, cheating, and fraud when completed.

The contrast between Trump's rapine and destructive misrule and what Biden's legacy and reputation promise for this country could not be made starker than it has been made with each announcement of his nominees. Already his top officials are at least 50% women; there are African American, immigrants of color; a spectrum of ethnicities, orientations, and (non, too ) religions, including Native Americans, gay, and Hindu and atheist.

By now, America -- the part that pays attention and is capable of learning -- knows that expertise, qualifications, experience, and a record of success and a reputation for ethical public service is already the hallmark of Biden's presidency. Americans can see a government made up of people who look like them, live like them, and believe like them. In short it is what a real American government looks like. And they recognize it.

gen. 8, 7:27pm

Great thread, wish I had time to read all the links. They are great.

gen. 9, 12:24am

>8 jjwilson61: He could, but would pardoning a cop killer be good for his support with the police?

He's stupid, so he may not figure that out.

gen. 9, 12:53am

>8 jjwilson61: Why would he? What can they ever do for him?

Editat: gen. 9, 9:56am

>4 MsMixte:

Yeah? Well, just about anything for which and anyone for whom your rhetorical grab-bag leaves you short eventually "reminds (you) of Hitler."

If you hated her enough that you were otherwise at a loss for invective, Tinkerbell would remind you of Hitler.

(Trump, "reminding you of Hitler")

(Obama, not "reminding you of Hitler.")

Your boogey-man image as from an actual photograph:

(Hitler, doing what modern heads of state everywhere routinely did --and still do.)


What was it you people were preaching to us about demonizing others? De-humanizing others?

How about this one? "Remind you" of anyone?

Gee, that would "depend", wouldn't it?


You'd first need to know who was responsible for the presence of these ranks. If you approved of that person, you'd excuse, explain and rationalize this photo's import. Otherwise, you'd condemn it as "proof" of the "evil" of those you despise.

(from: Violence in the Capitol, Dangers in the

"The U.S. Capitol remains a potent and cherished symbol even for Americans who are deeply cynical about the ruling class and political system. Its nobility is something continually engrained deep into our collective psyche since childhood, and that meaning endures even when our rational faculties reject it. It is therefore not hard to understand why watching a marauding band of hooligans invade and deface both the House and the Senate, without any identifiable objective other than venting grievances, reflexively engenders a patriotic disgust across the political spectrum.

"It is unhinged to the point of being obscene to compare yesterday’s incursion to the 9/11 attack or (as Sen. Chuck Schumer did last night) to Pearl Harbor. By every metric, the magnitude and destructiveness of those two events are in an entirely different universe. But that does not mean there are no applicable lessons to be drawn from those prior attacks.

"One is that striking at cherished national symbols — the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the Capitol — ensures rage and terror far beyond body counts or other concrete harms. That is one major reason that yesterday’s event received far more attention and commentary, and will likely produce far greater consequences, than much deadlier incidents, such as the still-motive-unknown 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 59 or the 2016 Orlando shooting that left 49 dead at the Pulse nightclub. Unlike even horrific indiscriminate shooting sprees, an attack on a symbol of national power will be perceived as an attack on the state or even the society itself.

"There are other, more important historical lessons to draw not only from the 9/11 attack but subsequent terrorism on U.S. soil. One is the importance of resisting the coercive framework that demands everyone choose one of two extremes: that the incident is either (a) insignificant or even justifiable, or (b) is an earth-shattering, radically transformative event that demands radical, transformative state responses.

"This reductive, binary framework is anti-intellectual and dangerous. One can condemn a particular act while resisting the attempt to inflate the dangers it poses. One can acknowledge the very real existence of a threat while also warning of the harms, often far greater, from proposed solutions. One can reject maximalist, inflammatory rhetoric about an attack (a War of Civilizations, an attempted coup, an insurrection, sedition) without being fairly accused of indifference toward or sympathy for the attackers." ...

Glenn Greenwald, writing at

Well, on this last point, perhaps Greenwald is simply very, very sadly and badly mistaken: In the present-day and very anti-intellectual U.S., it appears that, on the contrary, no, one cannot make such fine distinctions as those. And if one should try to, one should expect to meet with the front-loaded scape-goating which typifies these stupid, knee-jerk times and the authoritarian media-elite who drive, direct and instrumentalize them--those and their sycophantic supporters.

Nothing, no matter how valid and cogently argued, and no one, no matter how lucid, is going to budge these people from their deep-seated bigotries.

gen. 9, 8:21am

>12 kiparsky: Money. They can, and will, send him money. He's a grifter and a con man, and he's going to have a lot of legal bills.

gen. 9, 8:57am

>13 proximity1: Hitler, doing what modern heads of state everywhere routinely did --and still do

Giving medals to child soldiers? Is that really what heads of state routinely still do?

gen. 9, 1:21pm

>15 John5918: You're right, it is a bit funny that Proxy focuses on the "giving medals" part of that post, and not on the "to child soldiers" part.
And that he thinks that's a picture of Devin Nunes, that's pretty good too.

And that he thinks that there's something strange and sinister about the idea that context matters.

But trying to explain these things to him in the end seems to be sort of a fool's errand. Sort of like tryiing to teach ravens to fly underwater.

gen. 9, 1:26pm

>16 kiparsky: trying to teach ravens to fly underwater

Classic Peter Cook!

gen. 11, 11:59pm

>13 proximity1:

I've been reflecting again on that Hitler photograph posted by proximity, and I see another parallel which perhaps they had overlooked. If I recall correctly, that photo was taken in the last few weeks of the war when everybody (except perhaps Hitler himself) knew that it was a lost cause. Not long after that, Hitler took his own life, and that of his wife and his dog, in his bunker. Likewise, just about everybody except Trump knows that his attempt to subvert democracy is a lost cause, at least for the moment. I know Trump has a wife and a bunker, but does he have a dog? An elephant, perhaps, to borrow the title of a parallel thread?

gen. 12, 9:55pm

> 18

tRUMP is one of those types of asshole who would NEVER have a pet. At least Hitler had that much humanity.

gen. 13, 7:34pm

>13 proximity1: Well, on this last point, perhaps Greenwald is simply very, very sadly and badly mistaken: In the present-day and very anti-intellectual U.S., it appears that, on the contrary, no, one cannot make such fine distinctions as those.

"Following a speech by the lame-duck President, a group of his supporters invaded the capitol building where the members of the legislative body were counting the votes establishing his successor as the democratically elected President-elect, forcing the legislative body to flee less than one minute ahead of the mob, which proceeded to smash up the building. The lame-duck President told those who invaded the buildings of Congress: “We love you. You're very special. Go home.”"

As we've said many times before, if that happened in Africa or South America, what would we call it? You're not calling for fine distinctions to be correct, you're calling for fine distinctions to avoid calling a spade a spade. Republicans say "truth doesn't care about your feelings" but seem to mean "truth cares about my feelings, not yours."