Blue themed children's book about a neglected doll

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Blue themed children's book about a neglected doll

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This was a book that I inherited from my mother, so I think it must have been written in the 1940s at the earliest.

Its protagonist is a doll that has been left in an attic and forgotten, with a lot of other toys. She gets her wish of a day in which she goes out and see the world.

I remember that the cover of the book was completely blue (a sort of grey blue, quite a muted colour) and that blue was the theme in some way.

I think the title may even have been something like "The Blue Day", but I cannot remember any more details.

Does anyone recognise this?

Editat: gen. 20, 4:25pm

You have the title correct: The Blue Day by René Guillot.

It does have a LibraryThing work entry but isn't coming up cleanly on a search just at the moment.

Doing the link the hard way, it is The Blue Day by René Guillot.

(Now updated to do the links properly.)

gen. 20, 2:20pm

>2 DisassemblyOfReason: Thank you yes, that's it! It didn't come up for me when searching either.

gen. 20, 4:27pm

At one time I was in the same boat as you just were - I'd read the book when I was young and had had to scuffle around to ID it later on. Glad I could help.

gen. 20, 4:36pm

Hi. I’m new here. I don’t know if I’m on the right thread. I’m looking for a book a ride over 15 years ago. It’s a harlequin romance or Mills and boon about a hero whose fiancé ran out on him with the heroines brother. He then blackmails the heroine to marry him but turns out he’d been in love with her even before meeting her from a picture of her he saw with her brother. I think he had a title as well, not so sure. And I also think the heroines name was Kara

gen. 20, 5:06pm


I think you meant to post this as a new thread - the thread you posted it on is about a different book that's already been identified.

Understandable that it happened but I think you'd get more responses if you reposted your question as its own thread (and you might want to indicate in the thread title that you think you're looking for a Harlequin or Mills and Boon - that'd help people try to ID it for you).