81 Million people need to email tRUMP this:

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81 Million people need to email tRUMP this:

gen. 10, 11:13pm

Anyone know tRUMP's email address? - I want to send him the youtube video below - since he doesn't read and has a short attention span I think a short video is just the thing. -


gen. 11, 2:17pm

RIP Gene Wilder! He was one of the best.

Editat: gen. 11, 3:07pm

> 2

Yes he was. I think I have seen all his movies.

The character he plays in the movie "Willie Wonka" is quite the unreliable goofball who promises people candy and then does not deliver - sort of a tRUMPian persona. LOL.

gen. 11, 10:38pm

Didn't he play the gunslinger who helped the sheriff in Blazing Saddles? I thought he was excellent in that role.

gen. 12, 3:25pm

>4 John5918: Watch Young Frankenstein. Another brilliant collaboration between Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder.