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gen. 11, 12:28am


I am looking for quintessential translations of Heidi. I never read it in childhood. However, I am kind of fussy about proper and lovely English usage. For instance, my favorite translation of Swiss Family Robinson is by Kingston. I know there are probably others I would like, but they are hard to come by. I don't like the super dumbed-downed comic book versions, currently, enamored of our library system. I am also terribly fond of the language of The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter. If Jane Austen made a translation, that would be perfect. lol. ( I know- wrong generation ).

Thank you

gen. 11, 1:38am

You might be better off asking this in the Book Reccommendations group.

gen. 11, 1:46am

>2 Aquila:
Thank you. Too many groups.

Editat: gen. 18, 10:22pm

I would recommend the Marian Edwardes translation. Unfortunately, translators aren't always credited, but I believe the current Oxford Children's Classics edition uses the Edwardes translation.

This article about English translations of the original may interest you. Examples from each translation are included at the end of the article:

gen. 19, 3:04am

>4 lib.rare.ian: Thank you. I have been able to find a few, but not many.