Found: YA girl made to be a living doll

Original topic subject: YA girl made to be a living doll

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Found: YA girl made to be a living doll

gen. 12, 10:43pm

About a girl who was genetically made to be "perfect" (along with others in her group/class). She is sold off to a wealthy family where she keeps a little girl company. It is considered very controversial, though not illegal, to own a person like this. She plays piano, something that gives her emotion (which isn't supposed to happen). She is kept on a very strict diet (eating chocolate from the little girl a few times), and has pretty and delicate clothing. The son of the man who bought her plays music and swims (which she does not know how to do, and almost drowns in one instance), they end up falling for eachother and attempting to escape to Canada. I believe at the end the girl gets through and the boy does not.

gen. 24, 3:51am

>1 murderous_kittwn: Sounds a lot like "Perfected" by Kate Jarvik Birch

feb. 16, 5:35pm

>2 yken091: It is! Thank you

feb. 17, 6:36am

Touchstone: Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch