Fiction: Girl alone after nuclear disaster

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Fiction: Girl alone after nuclear disaster

gen. 14, 5:52pm

Hi everyone,

Back in 2000 I read this book that had a rose on the cover. A glass or stained glass rose if I recall correctly. It was about a young girl, between ages 8-13, that found herself alone during a nuclear disaster. I can't remember if it was a nuclear bomb, war, rain, etc... but the event destroyed almost everything. I believe she woke up near a beach and she ran into this man that was rich because he owned lots of weapons and a crap load of bottled water lol

It felt like a book for teenagers or young adults. The book, I believe, has rose in the name and it gets it's name from a memory the girl has.

I'm sorry if any of this is wrong but it should be very close. My memory is foggy as I was only 17 when I read this 20 years ago lol Thanks for any help that can be offered!

gen. 19, 8:59pm


gen. 23, 9:48am

Z is for Zacariah by Robert O'Brien?. At least it has a girl as an isolated survivor of a nuclear war. Don't remember a rose. I read it in the mid to late '70's. So my memory is hazy. I know my copy was a Scholastic PB.

gen. 24, 10:26pm

Thanks for the attempt! I read the description of this story and the only similarity is she woke up to a nuclear disaster and her family being gone. This girl wasn't on a farm. I believe she was in a big city. I vaguely remember a part where there were a group of people she found in this underground tunnel, possible a subway of some sort so the setting is, possibly, New York but I could be way off.

feb. 7, 9:32pm

Also, it could have been a sewage area instead of a subway. Thanks!

feb. 21, 11:46am

This book was written before 2001 if that helps as that is the year I read it.