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Found: young teen adventure book

gen. 14, 7:56pm

looking for a book I read when I was in grade 7 or 8 back in mid ninties. It was about a boy who canoes to a small island and his adventures, and trials at home. any help would be appreciated. sorry I lack anymore details I have forgotten most of it. I remember mentions or the grey pre-dawn sky, sleeping under the canoe

gen. 14, 9:29pm

Could it be "Call It Courage" or "Brian's Winter"

gen. 14, 9:54pm

nope looked up both of those and it is definitely not from the Brian's Saga series. and not Call it Courage either.

gen. 15, 4:55pm

>3 foreverknight86: Do you have any idea what the cover could've looked like? Or the illustration style if it had any illustrations? I'm thinking of a book and I have to check the title later today, but I believe there was a kid or a teen or another man and 2 of them were on the island until the boy was left alone. I think the boy came across an older man on the island..

gen. 16, 3:11pm

I don't have a clue what the cover would have looked like, I'm sorry. As for anyone else in the book I feel like it was just the boy, but I may be mistaken.

Editat: gen. 17, 1:11pm

The island part sounds like A Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voigt. He certainly had many trials in his home life. While the island was a small portion of the whole book, it had a major impact on his life, and there are many references to it in the rest of the book.

gen. 20, 8:41pm

>6 MajorKira: thank you I'll look into it

gen. 20, 9:02pm

Sorry thats not it. I feel the island was smaller, fresh water, more temperate, less tropical and more sparse. I dont recall many trees or a gator pond. I recall vague mentions about eating canned food off the fire. Standing naked in the sunrise. This book is close but has I felt the island was kore the central focus

gen. 24, 5:57pm

It’s not The Goats is it?

feb. 5, 11:51am

>9 LauraFiallos: nope. I just found it.... It is called (big shocker) The Island by Gary Paulsen... OMG how dumb was I???

feb. 5, 4:31pm

Touchstone: The Island