Children's collection with Hill of Fire 1970s

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Children's collection with Hill of Fire 1970s

gen. 17, 4:14pm

This was a book my first grade teacher GAVE me around 1975. So maybe it was donated to my private Catholic school? Anyway it was a collection of 4 or 5 stories for young readers, but the only title I remember was "Hill of Fire" by Thomas P. Lewis. I'm pretty sure it was the 2nd story. The last story was about a kid in Scotland (think his name was Angus) who lived with his family in a big house/manufacturing plant, and they made SOCKS. The cover of the book was a white background... never mind! It's too vague! Can anyone help me? "Hill of Fire" is pretty well known so I really thought that would help narrow it down.

gen. 17, 7:54pm

The other story is probably Sparrow Socks by George Selden. I'm still working on it, but I thought I would add that for anyone else who is searching!

Editat: gen. 17, 8:36pm

The second story sounds like Sparrow Socks by George Selden, who also wrote The Cricket in Times Square. Both of your stories are/were Harper and Row books, but I haven't seen any online reference to them combined in a collection (not that it didn't exist, I just haven't come across it).
Edited to add: Might it have been a discarded textbook? Harper and Row basic reading textbooks were commonly adopted by schools, and then discarded/donated to students or libraries when new additions were adopted.

gen. 17, 8:26pm

Oh wow, thank you both so much! That is indeed the story!! If that's all I ever find out I'll count myself very lucky.

gen. 18, 12:27pm

Now you're making me wonder if maybe there were 'reading comprehension' questions after each story, or something along those lines. I don't recall that being the case, however. Thanks for taking the time to ponder my query!