kids sci-fi about interplanetary travel - read in 1980s

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kids sci-fi about interplanetary travel - read in 1980s

gen. 18, 8:45am

I'm looking for a middle grade book I read in the mid-80s. The story revolves around a boy who travels to visit his aunt (I think) on another planet only to discover she isn't really his aunt. I don't remember the specifics but you don't really travel, your mind is somehow occupying a (robot? clone? construct?) that does the travel and you can tell it isn't a real person because of a port of some kind (maybe at the base of the neck?) And the boy discovers his "aunt" has the port but shouldn't because she is supposed to be actually living on the planet so he has to figure out what happened to his real aunt. I also believe there was some significant moment or discovery involving around a swimming pool.

Hoping this rings a bell for someone :)

gen. 18, 10:37am

I do remember this story, but unfortunately not the title! The port is at the small of the back, and the boy learns he can dream when sleeping on his stomach in the construct body, which apparently you can't do in a real one? There's a couple of people controlling his aunt, I can't remember to what end, and he stalls his departure by asking for a souvenir, even though it won't physically travel back with him.

gen. 18, 12:18pm

This sounds like My Trip to Alpha 1 by Alfred Slote. More information at the following site. But all the salient points match including travel by 'voya-code' which copies consciousness across interstellar distances into a robot/android facsimile. Discovering his aunt is not a real person after finding a the facsimile port, etc.

gen. 18, 1:32pm

yes that is definitely it - thanks so much!

gen. 18, 7:56pm

YW. Glad I could help you find it. An enjoyable YA read.