SciFi- Immortal Human With Alien Symbiote

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SciFi- Immortal Human With Alien Symbiote

gen. 18, 5:22pm

The book is probably from the late 70s or early eighties. I checked it out of the library many time but don't remember the title.

It concerns a first contact scenario where a human is working undercover in a feudal society. He falls foul of the local politics and is being pursued when he hides in a cave. In the cave he is attacked by a local animal and an alien conciousness invades his mind. The entity is able to manipulate his body at a low level and makes him effectively immortal.

He loses some hair from his head and a hand which the entity is able to regenerate but the process is not perfect and he is left with a lock of silver hair and the skin on his new hand is gold-coloured.

The rest of the book describes his adventure culminating in a battle with a creature that is intent on wiping out humanity.

Any ideas?

gen. 18, 7:55pm

This sounds a lot like Healer by F. Paul Wilson.

"Steven Dalt should have died in that cave on the planet Kwashi. After all, as the natives say, of a thousand people attacked by the cave-dwelling alaret, one will not die. But Dalt is that one. He survives, but not without personal cost: he has picked up a passenger: an alien intelligence transferred itself from the alaret to take up residence in his brain. Steven Dalt will never be alone again. But Pard, as Dalt names the alien who shares his life, doesn't believe in freeloading. He pays his rent by using cellular-level consciousness to maintain Dalt's body in perfect health -- no disease, no aging. And now Dalt appreciates the full meaning of the Kwashi natives' saying: Of a thousand struck down by an alaret, one will not die . . . ever. Spanning twelve hundred years, HEALER follows Dalt and Pard through the centuries as they become known as The Healer, an enigmatic figure with the power to cure diseases of the mind. And when a wave of interstellar slaughter threatens the civilizations of the LaNague Federation, only The Healer has the resources to face the onrushing doom. "

From another online plot summary the points you noted match pretty well.

"It was about a galactic empire some hitech worlds some low. Guy was on low tech world running from soldiers and ducked into a cave in which locals claimed that of every 1000 who entered 999 would die. A pod fell on his head and when he woke up he had a second consciousness inside that he referred to as Partner. He basically became immortal and travelled the galaxy with some kind of healing ability. I remember he wore a bloodstone pendant and descendants of people he helped called themselves "Children of the healer". >.. 1 point his hand got cut off and "Partner" was able to regenerate it but got the pigmentation wrong so it grew back silver."

gen. 19, 1:25pm

That's it! Fantastic, it's been bugging me for a long time.


gen. 22, 12:55pm

Excellent! Glad I could help with this. BTW, Healer is part of a broader series The LaNague Federation starting with the first book in the series An Enemy of the State.

If you liked Healer I might recommend checking out the other books in the series.