Romance Novel Contemporary - 1980s or 90s

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Romance Novel Contemporary - 1980s or 90s

gen. 18, 7:27pm

Protagonist: young woman from Northeast USA, art historian/ print artist
Plot: Her adoptive parents die suddenly, and mysteriously she is left an estate somewhere in the South (USA). She goes to the mansion, is met with hostility by the woman who lives there, Dolly, and by her handsome son.
Strong attraction between protagonist and son, but he is not forthcoming about why she has inherited the estate.
Protagonist finds out from someone else that her biological father, a painter, was once married to Dolly but when he discovered her affair and resulting pregnancy, he left her and lived at a shack with his true love who was the protagonist's mother. They both died in a house fire, set by a groundskeeper who wanted Dolly to keep the estate.
The protagonist takes possession of the house once she discovers this, but due to the financial strain of maintaining an old large house, she decides to make a limited edition of lithographic (?) prints of one of her father's paintings of Dolly in the nude as a means to support herself/ the house. At the unveiling reception, the same groundskeeper burns her studio and all prints are lost, as well as her means of retaining the estate. She sells it then and returns to Boston (?) where the handsome son finds her.

Written and is set in the late 1980s/ early 1990s.
Thank you for any tips!

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Southern Nights by Marcia Martin?

Adopted at birth, Maggie Hastings never new her real parents. Now, she's inherited the magnificent Foxcroft estate near Charleston and returns to her family home to explore the mystery of her heritage. Then she meets Mark Fox and makes a startling discovery of dark secrets, reckless desires and uncompromising passion.

gen. 22, 9:59pm

That's it! Thanks Juels...

gen. 25, 11:49am

You're welcome.