Fantasy Transported to Another World, Meet "legend" Blind Swordsman

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Fantasy Transported to Another World, Meet "legend" Blind Swordsman

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Last I remember, there were two books in this series.
In the first book, the mc is transported to a fantasy world while at a batting cage with his friend. In the second one, he intentionally slides down a hippo's throat while at the zoo.
MC teams eventually teams up with an old, forgotten man. He's blind but used to be an expert swordsman. They're trying to fight against an evil guy who can send out something related to spectres that are really strong (and I think also use swords), but the old man, with the sight of a girl (also from earth), is able to fight against them. Also, sending out ghosts physically taxes the evil guy, that he coughs blood or something like that.

I don't recall if it's at the end of the 1st or second book, but after evil guy is defeated, the girl stays behind on the fantasy world since someone has to rule the kingdom.

A part I remember very vividly is that MC faces off with a noble where he asks him 3 questions, and if the noble can't answer all 3 questions, then he loses the competition.
To win, MC asks for the longest 1 syllable word he can think of. The noble answers with "thoughts", to which MC replies with something along the lines," it seems wordplay isn't one of your strengths. 'strengths'. 9 letters." The noble is in disbelief, having interpreted the question as a riddle, where one "thinks" "thoughts". Just in case though, MC had the word "squirreled" as backup.

Hopefully this is enough details to help find the book. It's been sitting on my mind for a long time now.

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A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

Edited: Series is called Beyonders

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