Fiction, teen book, Character named Jonathan

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Fiction, teen book, Character named Jonathan

gen. 19, 7:03am

Jonathan lives with his aunt (?) and his mother isn’t present because I believe she’s dead, but he tries his very best to look for his father. There’s this.. “underworld” that Jonathan goes to, filled with monsters. I believe his dad is in trouble or something like that. I read this in middle school and I know there a series, the school only had book 1 and 3 I think? Would really love to find this book. The cover looks red, with gargoyles and there’s a castle in the back? And a metal fence. Title is in either green or yellow.

gen. 20, 3:38am

Darkside by Tom Becker.

gen. 20, 6:27am

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gen. 20, 6:33am

Touchstone: Darkside

gen. 20, 8:22am

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