Childrens book pre 1980s

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Childrens book pre 1980s

gen. 19, 9:24am

I've been thinking about this book a lot recently and can't find anything on it.

All I can remember is that it's about a child who gets a new pet. That animal keeps changing and getting bigger every day. There are pictures that go along with every page and every change. The animal has a similar pattern on it every time it changes, too.

I think it begins with the animal being a mouse, and ends with the animal being some sort of dragon that then has to leave because of how big it is.

gen. 19, 3:45pm

Dear Zoo is similar but the reverse of what you say?

gen. 19, 5:48pm

gen. 28, 5:58pm

Im so sorry! I had lost track of this page.

Thanks for the responses but it's doesn't appear to have been either of these. I wish I could remember more.