Romance. Arranged marriage to pay off family debt. Location: Hotel

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Romance. Arranged marriage to pay off family debt. Location: Hotel

gen. 19, 1:49pm

Contemporary ROMANCE book set at a hotel in Greece (or potentially Cyprus/Crete). The heroine is currently living with her divorced mother and stepfather in another country, where she also met her boyfriend through college theatre. The two intend to visit his parents in America for the holidays, however, she is called to Greece by her father and brother. Unbeknownst to her, they plan on selling the heroine as a bride to the hotel owner's son as payment for their debts.

The heroine meets the hero on her first night at the hotel, where they argue over their opposing interpretations of a piece of art depicting a scene from Greek mythology. The middle part of the book I cannot recall but at some point the heroine is tasked with managing the opening of a new restaurant at the hotel, which she calls "Pomegranate".


At some point in the book, the heroine is kidnapped by the hero's brother and his crazy girlfriend. I'm also pretty sure she ends up giving birth to a baby girl in captivity, which the hero's brother believes to be his because he raped her previously in the book. Meanwhile, the crazy girlfriend mistreats the heroine out of jealousy. She and her baby eventually manage to escape when the hero comes by to visit his brother and sees a familiar face in one of the windows. Recognizing his wife, he smashes the window open and at first does not believe the baby is his. The ending of the book I cannot remember

I read the book approximately two years ago, although it is surely older than that. I can confidently say anything later than 2000 seems right. I'm also fairly certain it's a standalone novel.

gen. 25, 3:45am