book about a girl who secretly learns ballet

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book about a girl who secretly learns ballet

gen. 19, 10:10pm

Teen/Young Adult book

It's about this girl who wants to dance but her parents can't afford it. She lives in a small, poor community. She somehow gets a book all about ballet - and starts to teach herself late at night in her bathroom when her family is sleeping. Eventually, she finds classes somewhere she can take (don't know how) her family doesn't know about it, she takes the train to the classes and has a bag of ballet things she needs to hide from her family. She has a friend who she told, but the friend maybe tried to tell her to do the right thing and stop hiding it. Her family possibly find the bag of ballet clothes and that's how they find out but I can't remember too well.

I think the name of the book had 'midnight' in it. Possibly ' midnight dancer' or something.

The cover is dark night sky colour.

When I try to look it up Mao's Last Dancer comes up - it is not that book.

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