Dystopian novel VERY similar to A Quite Place

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Dystopian novel VERY similar to A Quite Place

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I vaguely remember the titles being "The beginning" but after hours of searching I guess my memory was off. The book is about these 2 girls, one being older than the other being trapped inside of the older girls house. The monsters are attracted to sound similar to a quite place so whenever they go out on supply runs the older girl has a special technique for walking. I think they are also afraid of lights and that's keeping them away mainly but I'm not sure if that's just my memory playing with me. I don't remember why but at the end of the first book they leave the house and manage to get "abducted" by humans and it turns out that the main characters mom is a scientist and they keep the creatures in captive. They have a whole society going for them.

I read the book about 6/7 years ago so its a bit old but I've been wanting to use it for a literacy narrative on my first dystopian novel but I cant seem to find it :( . I don't really remember the rest of the story so any help would be amazing!

gen. 20, 3:33am

In the After by Demitria Lunetta?

gen. 20, 1:29pm

>2 MissSquish: YES! Thank you so much

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Touchstone: In the After