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Book about WWII

gen. 20, 2:19pm

I am looking for a book that I enjoyed based on two young women and their experiences during WWI. Much of the book took place in London or Europe, and I remember specifically when they were bombed out in a building and one of the young women was dying, and she took were wedding ring off and gave it to the other young women, so she could pose as her and live. I believe that one or possibly both of these women could of also been spies, if I am not confused with another book.
Could someone please help me? I believe it was written in the 2000's some time.

gen. 20, 8:41pm

Could be Connie Willis's Blackout/All Clear?

gen. 23, 2:43pm

>1 Mickey777: Could it be "A Fire Sparkling" by Julianne MacLean?