Hero Insists Heroine Goes on Hunt

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Hero Insists Heroine Goes on Hunt

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I can’t believe this has been on my mind constantly and I cannot figure out if I’ve dreamed it or if I actually did read it. It’s driving me crazy.

I can only remember this...

I’m pretty sure it’s a regency romance. The H insists the h (who is already injured - broken rib maybe?) go with him and his lady friend and his house guests on a hunt. Or maybe it’s just a ride. There is a hedge or half wall that he antagonizes her to jump her horse over instead of going around it. Her horse can’t make it and they both she and her horse end up injured. She had told the H she didn’t feel like riding and didn’t feel well but he was mean and insisted. Even his lady friend (could have been a mistress) was trying to get the H to let her go back. And I don’t know if this is part of it or in another book but the h has trouble jumping that wall because she discovered her mother impaled on a pitchfork or something on the other side of a wall years ago and subconsciously can’t make herself jump the wall. She keeps having to go around.

The H had to grovel big time. 😊
I know it’s not much to go on but any guesses would be great. Thank you!