Sword and Sorcery fiction novel

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Sword and Sorcery fiction novel

gen. 21, 1:10am

This book came out sometime in the early to mid 1990s I'm guessing. It's a fantasy fiction sword and sorcery style book. The main character is a young prince of about 10-12 years old who is a rather nasty budding tyrant and sociopath and his commoner whipping boy/playmate. The world he lives in has magic and there are people that are chosen to be great by some higher power, I believe the soon to be elevated people's order are called Dominion Lords or some such. These chosen undergo a public event/ritual to determine their specific blood name/power. The princes older brother (the crown prince) is about 10 years older and the polar opposite of his younger brother. He undergoes the ritual and his name is read by the priest and it causes near panic...for he is named the lord of suffering. It turns out people misinterpreted the meaning...he isnt destined to cause suffering, but to suffer for the people in their defense. Fasr forward like 5-10 years and the young price has grown into a real nasty man plotting to seize power and his whipping boy has become his personal necromancer.

Any help would be great, I can't remember it's name.

gen. 21, 12:37pm

There are some similarities to Well of Darkness, Volume One of the Sovereign Stone Trilogy, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

gen. 21, 2:09pm

That's exactly the book! Thank you.