Trying to find a book from the 90's...

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Trying to find a book from the 90's...

gen. 21, 11:01am

I've spent the last 2 weeks searching for a book I read like 20 years ago. I remember it was published between 1993 and 1999. I believe it was one of those Love Spell Futuristic Romance novels with the words Love in Another Time, Another Place written on the front cover.
Anyways, it's about an Earth lady who is trying to create a new perfume but having no luck. She is somehow transported to a different dimension/realm where she meets a guy. I remember she could not understand their languages until some woman touches her forehead and suddenly she can speak and understand all the languages surrounding her. I think there was this open market place she visited. The guy ends up showing the lady this massive area with these rare/exotic flowers that only bloom like once a year. He allows her to use these flowers to create a new scent. The scent is quite unique as each wearer of the perfume has a different scent associated with wearing it. No two people smell the same while wearing this perfume. I remember the lady then splits her time between Earth and the other place. And for some reason I remember the lady being dyslexic and writing the man a note.
I cannot remember the author or cover at all.
I hope someone is able to help. Thank you in advance.

gen. 28, 1:41am

Still no luck... Hoping to find someone that knows of this books existence.

gen. 28, 9:54pm

A long shot, but Season of the Dragonflies ?

gen. 30, 11:46am

Unfortunately that's not it. Thank you though. I appreciate your response.