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children's picture book

gen. 22, 11:22am

Children's picture book where a few woodland animal friends find that they need to relocate their library. The main character convinces a friend's grandfather (maybe a badger) to let them move it to his property. In the end the whole town helps the children move it.

gen. 22, 12:38pm

Welcome! In the future, please use an informative subject line (as suggested in the group description). Just a few key points so that people glancing over the subject lines can chime in if they immediately recognize the book. A couple more questions:

About how long ago did you read this, and did it seem new at the time? It helps to know if we should be suggesting titles from 2015 or from 1995 (or earlier!)

Were all the characters animals, or were some of them humans?

Editat: gen. 24, 2:27pm

My students and I love this book! It’s Our Library by Eve Bunting illustrated by Maggie Smith.

P.S. I’m new to this platform and still learning how to link!

gen. 24, 2:36pm

Our Library

>3 LauraFiallos:

To make links (touchstones), use single square brackets for the title and double square brackets for the author. You will sometimes have to click on "(others)" to see the full list of possible titles/names.

gen. 24, 3:01pm

>4 lilithcat: thanks! Trying here: Our Library

gen. 27, 2:26pm

Thank you all! I have been so stumped for years before I found this very helpful sight!