Clever short stories revolving students for kids/young teens

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Clever short stories revolving students for kids/young teens

gen. 23, 1:44am

There were a series of books with very clever short stories within them. The book covers were generally a solid colour. I remember the main character would always refer to himself in first person ('I', never got their name), had 2 friends, one was named Gordon I believe.
This was in the mid 2010s and in Canada when I read it.

To list some plots of a couple of short stories I remember:
1) They tried to skip a test by claiming they were biking and a tire popped, so the teacher asked them in separate rooms which tire popped to see if they were telling the truth
2) They claimed they were going on a fishing trip, but were actually going to a party and were going to pretend they forgot about their homework, but one of their moms put the homework in their fishing bait box
3) Bet an adult money they wouldn't pick up poo from the ground, and then bet another adult double that they could get the other person to pick up the poo and ended up making a profit

Clever short stories like these, any help would be appreciated!