Romance historical San Francisco Fire

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Romance historical San Francisco Fire

gen. 24, 12:37pm

These books were a series of three, about the earth quake and great fire of SanFrancisco, in one of the books a woman rescues a baby from the fires and gets burned herself she wants to keep the baby but eventually finds where the baby is from. one of the books the couple is at a party and the girl is on the balcony and sees the fires spread. One cover is a woman in purple one cover has Orange can’t remember the third cover. I hope someone can help me
Driving me crazy trying to remember the books and who wrote them.
Though it was a Elizabeth Hoyt but it wasn’t or not that I have found them anyway.

gen. 25, 1:53am

>2 rarm: oh my Thank you That’s them! Boy was I wrong on the city but I Thank you so much!