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Young Adult/Chick-lit

Editat: gen. 24, 4:15pm

So there's a book that I read in high school, and I cannot remember the name, and I cannot find it anywhere online. I found an author with books that have covers similar to the cover that I remember on the book, but none of her books match it.

I forgot the main character's name, but I remember a supporting character named Rhiannon. There was some kind of girl's home (I think that's what it was) that the main character moved to. It had a minor religious theme in it, and it had a scene that talked about salvation that happened on a beach(?) or something similar after a party where a girl and a guy were with each other (I don't think anything happened I think the girl broke it off before it could go further but I don't remember it's been at least 3-5 years since I read it).

I can only vaguely remember how the cover looked. Like if I saw it I would know.

I think it had the bottom half of a girl's legs, she was wearing jeans (I think) and there may have been a suitcase?

That's all I have.

gen. 25, 7:50am

The cover sounds a lot like a Sarah Dessen, specifically What Happened to Goodbye, but I don't think the plot matches.

When were you in high school (as rough dates may help narrow things down)?