young adult 1972- 1976

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young adult 1972- 1976

gen. 24, 4:43pm

A friend's mother dropped us off at a library, one day, as she ran errands. The librarian handed me a book to read of her choosing. It was not my usual genre and I only finished 3/4ths of it before we had to leave. Five years ago, I would have had more recollections. KNAVE OF HEARTS is about the only thing I recall for certain. There was a heroine. I hope this wasn't a harlequin- but I don't recall it being racy. trying to weave fairy tale elements into a story, I suppose. Not a lot to go on....

thank u

gen. 25, 3:52pm

Thank you. I will try to look it up. I don't think the Knave was in the Title-- I think he was a character. Your recommendation doesn't sound like something you would hand an 11/12 year old- but I will order it from library to compare.

Editat: gen. 25, 11:40pm

Was it by any chance illustrated? The Knave of Hearts by Louise Saunders might be a non-Harlequin possibility.

gen. 26, 2:04am

>4 merrystar: I have been wondering- but, I cannot get any plot descriptions of the book- only artistic descriptions- to the point that I am wondering if a story is told in the book or not.

gen. 26, 1:56pm

Apparently there is a version that is only the art, so possibly not depending on which one you find :). However Saunders wrote a play that gives the "backstory"/retelling of the nursery rhyme (explaining why the Knave of Hearts stole the tarts); so that should be in most editions I'd hope...

gen. 26, 2:06pm

It was not a play; so probably not; but, thank u

Editat: gen. 30, 3:00pm

I'm assuming you read the book in the '70s. Do you have an idea of when it might have been written? Did it seem modern to you at the time?

gen. 30, 10:56pm

>8 Awards-and-Medals: Sadly, those memories are slipping away. I just recall the librarian "forcing" it on me- and I thought I would hate it- but then, I didn't. I tended to bond with books strongly, so, I am surprised to see how many I am forgetting, when, I don't physically own the book. This cataloguing has been an interesting look back. I realized, for the first time, how bleak my teen years were of books, because I had no access to a library and lived in a "cultural desert". Most of the books I read were books my mother was reading. We grew up with books all over the place- I never realized that for seven years- I was devoid of any "personal" books. Anyhow, it didn't seem modern in the sense of being about a modern teen- because- knave of hearts- implies - in the past somewhere. For that matter, - was this main character a teen? Or am I projecting that?? I will have to explore that older book mentioned above- to rule it out.

Editat: feb. 12, 10:03am

>2 juels:
Nope. Not Cartland. I was positive that it was not in the first two pages- but I hung in there without tossing my cookies until the last two pages. I shall tag it- Harlequin meets Pollyanna. She kept me busy with the dictionary, though; looking up famous woodcarvers and decorators, even a few fabrics that I had never heard mentioned before, - and I sew. Please never mention men in tight fitting pants again. ... and she didn't even let us know if her cousin was going to be gracious about it or not, because the Duke is so wealthy we are not supposed to care????

Thank u 4 trying

feb. 16, 3:29pm

The only book I can think of is Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland...

feb. 16, 4:55pm

>11 vroni: Sorry, No. One of my favorites & a classic, that I am unlikely to miscategorize until I have nary a brain cell pulsing ( or whatever brain cells do )
thank you, though.

feb. 25, 12:12am