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YA adventure graphic novel

gen. 24, 6:29pm

I'm on the look out for a graphic novel that likely came out in the late 90s about a post apocalyptic world that is dying due to all the trees in the world being cut down and greenhouse emissions choking the world. A politician gets all trees cut down because the leaves don't match the colour of his tie. Fast forward to a century later and everyone lives with respirators at all times. A young girl breaks away from a field trip to search an abandoned musuem. She stumbles across a display that discusses trees and finds the last acorn in existence along with a legend that tells of how to grow a tree. She needs to collect water, sunlight and dirt. Somewhere along the line a giant mechanical blackbird helps here on this adventure including flying above the smog that chokes the planet to collect sunlight. They complete the search and save nature/humanity and trees become common once more.
The novel ends in the same way it starts... With a politician complaining about how the colour of autumn leaves don't match the colour of his tie.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

gen. 24, 10:52pm

Bearded Butterflies and Birds of Tin by Damon Burnard.

It's 2468, and Eve wakes up on her tenth birthday to a world of rubber flowers, plastic trees and robot headmasters. Her parents do not even talk to each other any more, so she doesn't feel much like celebrating.

But has the world always been like this? This is what Eve wants to know, and is soon to find out when a bearded butterfly leads her on a quest to transform the smog to blue sky, the concrete to grass and the tin birds to rust!