YA 1920 sett. magic

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YA 1920 sett. magic

gen. 24, 8:21pm

I read this book in middle school and there were 2 main girl characters. One was rich white girl and one was a black jazz performer in a speakeasy. If the girls got caught using their magic they got sent to an insane asylum and there were multiple different kinds of magic.
They ran a scam where there was an elephant walking across a bridge? One of them said that Lewis Carrol's quotes were best for the animal illusions.
The cover was Black and Gold (I think).

Please I would love to read this book again if anyone can help me!

gen. 25, 12:41am

I haven't read it so i'm not sure if it fits, but The Diviners is 1920s YA with magic, could that be it?

gen. 25, 1:22am

Iron Cast by Destiny Soria?