YA Girl rumored to kill boy

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YA Girl rumored to kill boy

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I don’t remember the title of the book, but I remember it was about a group of characters after a high school girl is rumored to have caused the death of one of her classmates by texting him while he was driving. I don’t know if any of the parts are written from her point of view, but I know that several of her other classmate’s POV are included. I also remember you find out later that a friend of the boy who died knew it wasn’t the girl’s fault (as the boy who died got into an accident because he was texting her instead) , but lied and let everyone believe it was her fault. I don’t remember if her point of view is ever seen in the book, but I remember some scenes with the other characters. One of which is a different girl from before who has been on multiple dieting journeys with her mom, but they keep gaining the weight back that they lost. And yet another character is the daughter of a very religious pro life group, yet she ends up getting an abortion later on after she gets pregnant and ends up telling everyone that the girl rumored to have caused the boy’s death was at the clinic getting the abortion instead.
All characters are high school aged.

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I found it. The book is The Truth About Alice.

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