The Phoenix Moon Community Book Store

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The Phoenix Moon Community Book Store

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març 24, 2008, 7:22pm

Ok everyone, here is the deal....Phoenix Moon
> Community Book store will open
> in Salem, Oregon on 09/20/08. I am currently seeking
> funds and an open
> retail space. Grants are awesome and so are
> Donations. I am seeking
> investors who are wanting to see this up off the
> ground and succeed ( AND IT
> WILL). Josh and Liv are designing the LOGO and Web
> Page. I have the whole
> sellers lined up BUT I AM looking for more.... and I am super excited. So the
> Genre of the Phoenix Moon is
> Religion and Ethnic Tolerance: Pagan, Christian,
> Hinduism, Buddism etc all
> welcome. Will have Self help Books and a section for
> pure fiction. Selling
> Candles and Insense, Jewelry, CD's etc.. will have a
> space in the store for
> readings, class sessions. I am wanting input and
> ideas. There will be free
> Wi fi for those customers who are purchasing. It is
> going to be Awesome...
> There hasn't been this kind of Store in Salem since
> Rosebud and Fish. There
> is a giant need for this in every community and this
> community is in dire
> straights.
> Blessed Be
> Marybeth Bailey

maig 24, 2011, 4:57pm

Aquest membre ha estat suspès.

nov. 14, 2011, 11:10pm

Did the store open OK? Did it survive?

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