mstrust#2- the golden thread

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mstrust#2- the golden thread

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Hi! I'm Jennifer and I'll be celebrating my 13th Thingaversary in March. I live in Phoenix with my husband Mike and our boxer, Coral. I like jewelry, history, pirates, and a good shipwreck.

I read 100 books a year, minimum, which is amazing considering I'm the slowest reader.

Each of my threads this year will be inspired by a book or genre. This month is inspired by The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. I could go with a thread about gates, of course, who wouldn't love that, but I'm choosing the "golden" part of the title. We'll be admiring so much gold in this thread that you'll start calling me Midas instead of mstrust.

Goals for 2021:
1. Don't die.

2. My "Doorstop of the Year" goal is to finish last year's Moby Dick, then go on to A Confederacy of Dunces.

3. I'm hanging out with several groups this year: The MysteryKit, HistoryCat, and I'll be hosting two months of the ScaredyKit, in April & September.

4. I'll be ROOTing for the third year and I'm shooting for 50% of my reads to be from my own shelves.

5. In this challenge, I'll do my best to come up with One New Thing each week. A cool website, a new recipe or just a bit of info, this will be an expanded version of "Friday's Whaaat?" that I've done for a few years.

6. (Oh, I love a list!) Come visit me at my Category Challenge, where this whole year is about helping out small businesses. I'm posting links to places you can check out and maybe order from, such as restaurants, retail and museums. See something you like and buy it, knowing you're helping someone who's struggling.

As always, my threads are politics-free, but this one includes a jeweler's loop and free ear piercing. Keep your hands where I can see 'em.

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2021 Reads

1. Lady Windermere's Fan- 4 stars
2. The Riddle of the Third Mile- 4 stars
3. California Hotel and Casino- 3 stars
4. Ultimate Veg- 4 stars
5. Bowie's Bookshelf- 4 stars
6. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie- 5 stars
7. Britten and Brulightly- 4.2 stars
8. A Walk Around the Block- 4 stars
9. The Little Paris Kitchen- 4 stars
10. Action Park- 5 stars
11. Trick Yourself to Sleep- 2.5 stars
12. Come Home, Indio- 2.5 stars
13. Mystery, Inc.- 4 stars
14. Almost Sleighed- 4 stars
15. Vegas Tabloid- 2.5 stars
16. Essential Herbs- 4 stars
17. The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag- 4.5 stars
18. My Life with Sherlock Holmes- 2.5 stars
19. Rez Metal- 3 stars
20. Hoodoo Harry- 5 stars
21. Bibliotheca Classica- 4.5 stars
22. Selected Poems of W.H. Auden- 3.5 stars
23. Confess- 4.5 stars
24. The Murder of Dr. Chapman- 4 stars
25. The Pretty Little Box- 4 stars
26. Fairytale Baking- 5 stars
27. Seven Years- 4 stars
28. The Golden Gate- 4.5 stars
29. Oh, The Places You'll Go!- 5 stars
30. A Likely Story- 2.5 stars
31. Animal Behavior: A Very Short Introduction- 4 stars
32. Grateful American- 3.5 stars
33. Haunted Nights- 4.5 stars
34. Miao Doa- 4 stars
35. Welcome to the United States of Anxiety- 3.5 stars
36. Skinwalkers- 4 stars

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I'll even pay your entrance fee for you. Welcome!

feb. 4, 4:58pm

Happy new thread, Jennifer! Fifteen books already!

feb. 4, 5:25pm

Happy new thread, Jennifer!

feb. 4, 6:04pm

>4 harrygbutler: Thank you, Harry! I know, fifteen, when will I ever do that again?

>5 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

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Happy new thread!

A friend, Gail Selinger writes book about pirates - and dress up like one and fires off canons too. I have lots of friends who play dress up, as I do it myself in more normal times.

feb. 4, 6:15pm

I'm in! I always wanted to be a treasure hunter. Closest I get is scoring half off donuts in the discount section of the grocery store.

feb. 4, 6:32pm

All that shines isn't gold but your thread is off to a shiny start.

Happy new one, Jennifer.

feb. 4, 6:41pm

Yarr, me hearties! Glad to be joining you on your new thread!

My other half and I would consider the Aardman Animations film "The Pirates!: Band of Misfits", to give it its American title (it's "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" in the UK), one of our favourite movies. It's based on a book series by Gideon Defoe, which starts with The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists. The movie is gleefully anachronistic and features what I consider to be one of Hugh Grant's finest performances :)

feb. 4, 7:27pm

Happy new thread!

feb. 4, 9:21pm

Happy new one!

Looking at your books read for this year, I see that you have started the Flavia de Luce series and gave the first instalment 5 stars! I am glad you like it. I am enjoying the series as well.

feb. 5, 4:35am

Happy new thread, Jennifer.
May you always have golden times!

feb. 5, 9:26am

>7 quondame: Thanks, Susan! And she sounds like best friend material. It's nice to know someone who will show up for your raid.

>8 SomeGuyInVirginia: Larry! You're here!
I dream of punching my way through sharks to reach a sunken treasure of Spanish jewelry and churros.

>9 PaulCranswick: Good to see you, Paul!

>10 rabbitprincess: Princess! Be honest, did you make the squinty-eyed face as you typed that?
I'm afraid I've never seen that pirates movie. I have seen "Swashbuckler" starring Robert Shaw, Peter Boyle and James Earl Jones. It's a forgotten gem, what with Boyle trying to cover his Bronx accent with an English one.

Editat: feb. 5, 9:36am

>11 thornton37814: Thanks, Lori!

>12 figsfromthistle: Glad you're here! Yes, I'm halfway through the second of the series right now!

>13 SirThomas: Thanks, Thomas! You're so sweet!

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16. Essential Herbs: Treat Yourself Naturally with Herbs and Homemade Remedies by Neal's Yard Remedies. A
coffee table book of herbs, with good color photos and a rundown of how to grow that herb, what it can do medicinally, how to cook with or make solutions with it, and where to find it in the wild. There's also a section on how to make body products, another on making teas and another of cooking recipes. What sets this apart from others of this kind that I've read is that it provides more specifics and the photos are very good, showing both the whole plant and the cuttings. 4 stars

feb. 5, 1:09pm

Happy new one, Jennifer!

feb. 5, 1:51pm

Thank you, Kathy, glad you found me!

feb. 5, 3:01pm

Happy new thread!

feb. 5, 4:25pm

Thanks, Jim!

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One New Thing about Gold:

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Alexandria have recently discovered a 2,000 year old mummy with a gold tongue.

Editat: feb. 9, 9:20am

17. The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag by Alan Bradley.
In the second of the series, Flavia attaches herself to a traveling puppet show after the puppeteer's van breaks down in Bishop's Lacey. Everyone knows who Rupert Porson is, as he has a popular BBC show that he's apparently walked away from to travel the country with his assistant, but is seems that only Flavia recognizes that Rupert is a horrible person and she doesn't like him a bit. The vicar persuades Rupert to put on a show for the little village, an exciting event, so everyone is there to witness the murder.

Another story of twists and long-held grudges, with young Flavia working hard to get to the bottom of it, while also battling with her older sisters. 4.5 stars

feb. 11, 8:44am

I've listened to a couple of the Flavia DeLuce books as audiobooks and have really enjoyed them. There's some great Gothic shocker imagery in them.

feb. 11, 9:39am

With her home, Buckshaw, and her laboratory? I hadn't noticed it but you're right, some good Gothic settings. I guess Flavia doesn't realize that her home would creep out a lot of people.
Speaking of creepy, I've been watching "The Haunting of Bly Manor" on Netflix. It's a re-telling of The Turn of the Screw set in the 80's.

Editat: feb. 11, 9:58am

18. My Life with Sherlock Holmes by John H. Watson, M.D., edited by J.R. Hamilton.
The doctor's examination of his famous friend through their conversations and his own observations, mysteries removed, so that it becomes a biography of Sherlock Holmes. These are the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle with some editor's footnotes that clarify or comment.
Published in 1968, I expected this to weave a new story but it really doesn't. I think only the Holmesian completest would need this. 2.5 stars, a rating that is for the book being unnecessary, not for A.C.D.'s writing.
I read this for this month's MysteryKit pastiche theme, and it's a ROOT. It's been on my shelf for five years.

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Isn't this stunning?
Interesting story. It was owned by a Somerset scrap metal dealer for years who assumed it was brass and allowed his grandson to use it for target practice. When he died, his now adult grandson came across it among things under the bed and had it checked out by the British Museum. Turns out it's 3rd or 4th B.C. Persian and solid gold. It's from the Achaemenid period, making it older than the Holy Grail. It sold for $100,000 in 2009.

feb. 11, 4:14pm

>26 mstrust: "...for target practice..." This is painful to read. The cup is wonderful!

Editat: feb. 12, 9:52am

19. Rez Metal.
A slender book focusing mostly on the popularity of metal on the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni reservations, and on the rise of Native metal bands. Musicians and club owners are featured, along with photos of performances.
I didn't really like the format of the book, which was primarily transcripts of musicians from different bands speaking without the context of a conversation, so I sometimes felt like it was the middle of the conversation, and it would have benefited from editing out filler words and phrases.3 stars

feb. 12, 9:51am

>27 PersephonesLibrary: Seems like grandpa didn't have the eye for the obvious, that it was beautiful and pure gold.

feb. 12, 12:22pm

>26 mstrust: Lol, what a backstory! It does seem ridiculous, but I can also understand the point of view of the guy looking at it and thinking, nope, there's no way this is solid gold. Just hard to believe you could stumble onto something like that.

feb. 12, 2:07pm

I have a reason to feel more cheated than most in this regard, in that my own grandfather was a scrap metal dealer in Dennison, Texas. He had a good business for decades. Unfortunately, the idiot son who inherited the business wouldn't have recognized a gold cup that had "I'm a valuable gold cup!" written right on it.
Mike has a similar background, with his grandmother owning an antique store back East but him having nothing important to show for it. I believe this is called "Antique Roadshow Envy". ;-)

feb. 13, 12:34pm

>31 mstrust: I am proud of my talent to find little gems at fleamarkets... but I still might have thought this was some kind of replica when I saw it. Just because it's so unreal.

feb. 13, 6:08pm

I used to go to fleamarkets when I was a teen. We call them swap meets. I managed to find some good things, like loose gems and the complete Yale Shakespeare set, but I'm sure there are grander deals to be had at European markets.
I would question the cup if I found it too, but it's hard to understand how someone who dealt in metals and other such materials wouldn't have checked it out. Ah, maybe he was a pessimist.

feb. 13, 6:50pm

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentines Day!

feb. 14, 9:32am

>34 mstrust: Awww happy puppy! Happy Valentine's Day to you :) My in-laws drove over yesterday with a tin of sugar cookies that his mum had made, which was a nice surprise.

feb. 14, 4:31pm

Happy Valentine's Day!

Man I love a good flea market!

feb. 15, 9:34am

>35 rabbitprincess: I just know that dog is so happy because the cake is peanut butter flavored.
Thanks, and I hope you had a happy Valentine's! Homemade cookies takes it to another level.

>36 SomeGuyInVirginia: A belated Happy Valentine's, Larry! I do too, but I haven't been to one in years. Around here they've been replaced by farmer's markets, where I buy $8 bars of goat milk soap.

Our Valentine's started out rough. Sunday means Coral's trip to the park in the morning. We let here off the leash and about 15 minutes into our visit, she found a clump of purple-ish weeds that I'd never seen before, growing around some trees. She shoved her face right in them and was huffing them, and I had to make her stop. She jogged away and less than ten seconds later she collapsed and had a seizure. It was brief and after laying there unresponsive for maybe two minutes, she sat up, then when Mike walked away to bring the car to us, she got on her feet and walked like nothing had happened.
Luckily, Mike and our vet are friends and when Mike texted to see if we could get her in first thing this morning, he said he happened to be at the clinic right then and to bring her. The EKG and exam showed nothing wrong, so he said she must be allergic to whatever the weed was because he sees dogs seizure from bee allergies too. She's fine now and we're going to get a pic of the weeds.

The rest of the day was our normal Sunday, shopping and lunch. I made chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert, we watched the fourth episode of "The Cecil Hotel" doc on Netflix, and then a late-night walk.

feb. 15, 9:44am

20. Hoodoo Harry by Joe R. Lansdale. Driving back from a day of fishing, Hap and Leonard collide with a bus driven by a terrified twelve year-old. The boy is killed on impact and the bus turns out to be a bookmobile that serviced the tiny towns along a backroads route, bringing books to impoverished kids. Why the boy was driving the bus is a mystery, but so is the fact that the bus and its proper driver, Hoodoo Harry, have been missing for fifteen years.
Number 38 of the Bibliomysteries. This is a really good one. 5 stars

feb. 15, 10:36am

>37 mstrust: I'm glad Coral is doing well again!
>38 mstrust: I love the series, I still have a few unread on the shelf - but there are so many others. Good to have a choice ;-)-
Have a wonderful week, Jennifer.

feb. 15, 6:11pm

Hi, Thomas! So you've been ordering Bibliomysteries from NYC? I'm really enjoying them too. I believe they're around 40 now and I have around eight or nine, plus I've sent some to my Mom that I'll get to read when I visit.
Coral seems to be none the worse for wear, but seeing your dog seizure will get your own heart to stop for a sec.
You have a good week too!

feb. 16, 1:11am

um... there's a little misunderstanding - I meant the Hap and Leonard series. But the Bibliomysteries sound very tempting too.
I can understand your worries about the dog, we used to have a dog as well, a small spitz.

feb. 16, 7:48am

Ooof, that must have been so scary watching Coral go through that! I'm so glad she's okay!

Editat: feb. 16, 9:00am

21. Bibliotheca Classica by Simon Brett. Unbearable snob Derrick is pulled away from his research on the Pre-Raphaelites when his wife, young Harriet, who had been a graduate student when Derrick was a professor, gifts him with a copy of an eighteenth century encyclopedia. Derrick is intrigued by the fact that the whole book has been bowdlerized and sees researching it as a good way to keep Harriet busy while he does his own important work.
Brett has created a fun story about academia and researching obscurities. I wish the very ending had been drawn out a little more but I still recommend this. 4.5 stars
This series is like popcorn.

feb. 16, 9:05am

>41 SirThomas: Oh, Hap & Leonard, gotcha.
Yes, Coral likes to come up with a new illness every once in a while to keep things interesting!

>42 scaifea: Thanks! She's back to her old spoiled self. We did buy her a new toy a few hours later, like, "Here's a taco-shaped squeaky to make you forget!"

feb. 16, 3:18pm

>43 mstrust: That one sounds interesting! I read one book by him that I'd classify as mediocre, but it wasn't an academic setting.

feb. 16, 5:06pm

I dug around in my mystery shelves and found that I have Guns in the Gallery and The Stabbing in the Stables on the shelf, so I can try to get to them soon.
I believe Brett was the head of The Baker Street Irregulars at one time, or some other long-standing Sherlockian group.

feb. 16, 10:23pm

Holy cow, poor Coral! I can only imagine how scared you were. I've never even seen a seizure, but I have seen enough zombie movies to know that I wouldn't be okay with it. I'm glad she's recovered, it does sound like whatever she ate made her sick. Why do animals eat the weirdest things? Parker eats dust bunnies. And pills that he finds on the floor. That prompted a trip to the vet. Man, one thing I learned a long time ago is you do not want to eat pills that you find laying on the ground.

feb. 17, 8:29am

>37 mstrust: That was scary, Jennifer, poor Coral.
I once saw a dog having a seizure (not mine), that was scary.

feb. 17, 12:35pm

>47 SomeGuyInVirginia: As far as seizures go, Coral's was rather mild. She didn't eat the weeds, just shoved her face into the clump and was inhaling deeply until I made her stop. We went back and took pics yesterday and it's a purple-edged dandelion variety.
I've seen a grand mal seizure and it's really something scary. When I was a teen and worked in a grocery store one of our customers fell over and had one at the check-out lines, where I was a cashier.
No, don't eat floor pills, man, those are the rejects, the ones that aren't good enough to take up pocket space.

>48 FAMeulstee: Mike and I had a conversation later that day about how frustrating it must be for animals to want to tell us something that they need. But then she woke me up at 4am this morning by thumping her butt against the floor hard until I woke up. I went downstairs with her and looked her over and didn't see anything, so I gave her a dog aspirin in a lump of peanut butter and then she went back to bed. Did she feel bad or did she just want a treat? I don't know because I wouldn't put it past her to wake me up because she was peckish.

feb. 17, 12:49pm

This was named "The World's Finest Cocktail" by the U.K. Bartender's Guild in 1930. It's experienced a revival recently in the speakeasies but it's easy enough to make yourself.

The Golden Dawn Cocktail

3/4 oz. Calvados
3/4 oz. dry gin
3/4 oz. apricot brandy
3/4 oz. orange juice
pomegranate grenadine

Combine everything but the grenadine in an ice filled shaker and "shake like crazy".
Strain into a cocktail or martini glass. Garnish with a cherry. Dribble the grenadine through the drink. Do not stir.

feb. 17, 1:10pm

That sounds very tasty!
Today of all days my alcohol fasting starts.
But then I can look forward to it longer!

feb. 17, 1:12pm

Going sober for a tick, are we?

feb. 17, 1:34pm


feb. 17, 2:07pm

>47 SomeGuyInVirginia: I have a gift for finding bags of pills out in public, the same way that my favorite aunt had a gift for spotting a four-leaf clover in somebody's yard. She'd be walking and talking, look down and come up with a four-leaf clover.

Someone has stolen my fob that I use to get into my apartment building. I left my keys in the lock for my mailbox a few days ago, got in the elevator and realized what I'd done before I got to my floor, so jumped out and went back to the mailroom. The keys were there on top of the mailboxes, and I just realized that the fob was gone when I tried to get into my building about an hour ago. I simply can't believe it, the keyring was out of my hands for maybe 8 minutes tops. Although I don't know why I'm surprised, somebody was moving out of my floor a couple of years ago and left their couch by the elevator, went back to the apartment to grab something else, and when they got back somebody had stolen the couch.

feb. 17, 6:42pm

>53 SirThomas: ;-D

>54 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ha, that's an interesting talent!
Oh, no! Could there be cameras in that area? And are your apartment keys on the fob? That sucks. Mike has set down so many pairs of expensive sunglasses and walked away that I finally threatened to make him wear a librarian chain around his neck. I actually caught one guy just as he was about to pocket them.
You're moving out now, aren't you?

feb. 17, 7:40pm

Poor Coral.. I can only imagine how scary it was to witness her seizure. I hope all is well.

Sad that someone stole your key fob! That is spooky.

feb. 18, 9:31am

Thanks, she's doing very well and back to her demanding little self. I won't walk her near that tree in the future and hopefully she's smart enough not to huff dandelions again.

feb. 18, 7:47pm

That would mean that she's smarter than me and I refuse to accept that.

feb. 18, 7:51pm

Have you read anything by Simone St. James? I just finish The Broken Girls and liked it and am reading The Sun Down Motel and so far it's good. It's got the got the creep factor of The Shining, at least so far.

feb. 19, 10:10am

>58 SomeGuyInVirginia: She eats her own vomit, so I'm 60/40 sure you're smarter.
>59 SomeGuyInVirginia: I haven't, but I've seen that one. Comparing it to The Shining is high praise. It's going on the WL.
I have a book called The Sleep Tight Motel on my Kindle but haven't started it. I'm in the Horror and Mystery Kits and have to parcel my scary stuff out. This month is "non-fiction creepy" and "pastiche".
How's the move going?

feb. 19, 10:22am

22. Selected Poems of W.H. Auden. Selected and edited by Edward Mendelson. Keep in mind that I haven't studied any poetry since high school, where my teacher was into Shakespeare and the Cavalier Poets, very different from Auden. And I think he needs to be studied to fully grasp his work. There are some, like "Stop the Clocks" that can be appreciated from the first read, but so much of his poetry is dense and personal with meaning, with each line needing to be picked through, that the reader would benefit from having some instruction along the way.
I guess that's all I feel qualified to say, because I know there are people who spend their lives studying Auden, and he left plenty of work to study if this book of selected poems is any indication of how much he wrote. 3.5 stars

This has sat on my shelf for more years than I can say, so it's a ROOT.

feb. 19, 6:09pm

It's all coming together nicely but the stress of the whole thing has really worn me out. I started packing weeks ago and what I'm down to now are what pantry items I'm going to keep and what I'm going to toss.

I'm having the interior painted and decided to go bold. March 3 is loading everything on the truck day and March 4 is unloading everything at my new house day. I've also discovered that I'm going to either have to remove the wall around the toilet in the basement or widen the second door into the den. I'm almost sure that I'm going to remove the wall around the toilet because the doorway into the den from the library is in a retaining wall and modifying that is just a huge pain.

It's not that big of a job. The wall around the toilet seems to only be painted plywood that someone had hinged together. I was hoping that I could find it back like an accordion, and that might have been the original design, but at some point somebody's affixed it in place.

feb. 19, 6:36pm

Why am I imagining that you're going to remove a bathroom wall and make it an airy one room den/bathroom combo with no doors and a "don't be such a prude" policy? :-D
It seems like things are happening fast. You'll be in your beautiful new home before you know it!

feb. 19, 9:08pm

It's not a toilet, it's a water feature!

Editat: feb. 19, 9:13pm

Admittedly, the bidet might be a bit much for some folks. I'm going to have to do something to get a large couch in the den and that accordion wall around the toilet, while it's outside of the den and in an unfinished part of the basement, is placed so that it would make getting a couch through the back door and into the den difficult.

And it's load-bearing wall not retaining wall.

feb. 20, 10:24am

>64 SomeGuyInVirginia: Add some classical music with the flushing mechanism. The neighbors will be awed by your sophistication.
>65 SomeGuyInVirginia: So the room was built to be as difficult as possible to furnish. Would a sectional couch work, or a loveseat instead of a regular couch? It just sounds like it needs to make a hard turn into the room.

Editat: feb. 20, 11:32am

23. Confess: The Autobiography by Rob Halford. Halford, the singer and lead lyricist for Judas Priest, doesn't do an autobiography halfway, and the title is spot on. Would we have ever known that he's been banned from Camp Pendleton for lewd behavior?
He tells the reader all about it.
He has chapters about growing up in an industrial Northern town with loving parents whose arguments sometimes included his father slapping his mother. He remembers the exact moment in school, when asked to sing on his own, that the music teachers realized he had talent, and that his family was always behind him as he first pursued an acting career before returning to music.
And he recounts how he joined a band called Judas Priest that needed a singer, and their long career together. He discusses the making of each album and gives his honest opinion of any shortcomings, even with his own performances. He also discusses the dynamics within the band, such as the decades long friction between guitarists K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, and the reasons why they've gone through as many drummers as Spinal Tap. He also explains how he accidentally quit Priest and why his absence from a band he loved dragged on for so long.
Throughout the book is Halford's stress in hiding his homosexuality. First from his family, then from bandmates and the fans, Halford describes the intense loneliness in being unable to openly pursue romance, and he speaks very intimately of how gay men in the 70's and 80's found each other, and of how often he pursued relationships with straight men, which always ended in unhappiness.
The book concludes right now in the pandemic, with plans for what fans can expect from the band once this is over. 4.5 stars

Editat: feb. 23, 12:06pm

Last week Coral had a seizure. This week it's something new, as she's been tested and we're waiting to see if she has Valley Fever. If you're unfamiliar, it happens mainly in desert areas and it happens in humans too. Mike had it about 15 years ago.

The Food Network's Spring Baking Championship started last night and I have that waiting. And if you have Prime streaming, they've just added a Scottish comedy called "Book Club". It's nearly twenty years old but doesn't feel like it, and you'll recognize some of the actors, as one went on to "Game of Thrones", another to "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and "Corporate".

And if you've been wanting to help in Texas, there are plenty of donation sites, but if you want to get something for your money (who doesn't?) pop over to my Category Challenge and check out the list of Texas small businesses.

feb. 23, 3:04pm

I am sorry to hear about Coral's health issues. All the best to the little one - that she gets well quickly!

feb. 23, 11:46pm

I'm sorry, Jennifer, that sucks that Coral is feeling bad. Here's to an easy treatment and feeling better quickly.

feb. 24, 8:22am

Poor Coral has been through the wringer lately. Please give her some gentle ear scritches for me and I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.

feb. 24, 11:11am

>69 PersephonesLibrary: Thanks! She's keeping things interesting with all her new issues, the poor thing.

>70 SomeGuyInVirginia: It does suck. She's not feeling great and she's cut herself down to just one meal a day, but she's still eager for treats like chicken and her dental sticks.
After nearly twenty years of dog ownership, she can still come up with something we've never experienced before.

>71 scaifea: Ha, she really has! Thanks so much, I'll let her know the stritches are from you!

feb. 24, 12:15pm

I hope Coral feels better soon!!

feb. 24, 5:01pm

Thanks, Natalie! Still waiting on the diagnosis and hoping it comes back as valley fever so she can start medication right away.

feb. 25, 2:13am

Oh no - I hope you get the diagnosis soon - and it will be a good one.

feb. 25, 6:28pm

Fingers crossed, Jennifer, here's to all good things.

I'm at the new house for the night. Drop off a load of fragiles, check out the new paint job. I usually like night but it's hard in an empty house. I'll be glad when still my stuff is here, including Tinykin Skywalker. It's weird how deeply I care for that cat. It can't be healthy.

feb. 26, 2:15pm

I hope the diagnosis will turn out well - have a lovely weekend!

feb. 28, 10:25am

Happy New Year! I found you again!

>26 mstrust: Well if he was using that for target practice it looks like he sucked. Luckily for him!

>37 mstrust: I blame VNSA. If you had been at the book sale, this never would have happened. I hope your test results come out well. Poor thing.

feb. 28, 7:31pm

>75 SirThomas: >76 SomeGuyInVirginia: >77 PersephonesLibrary: >78 PaperbackPirate: Thank you very much for the good wishes! We still didn't have a diagnosis when we had to leave for Vegas Thursday morning for Mom's birthday, but we got it on Friday afternoon and it is valley fever. We were able to fill the prescription there and start her on it right away. She seems better already after just four doses but she'll have twelve altogether.

>76 SomeGuyInVirginia: It won't seem empty and creepy at all once Parker's there and the neighbors realize you're the go-to guy for bourbon and sharpened sticks. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with the place.

>77 PersephonesLibrary: I hope you had a good weekend, 'cause I did!

>78 PaperbackPirate: :-D Happy New Year! Did you bring champagne?
That is true, I wouldn't have had her out huffing weed(s) if the book sale had happened. Always a black lining...

And here's the stack of books I brought home:
My sister gave me Fairy Tale Baking
Mom gave me The Romantic Egoists, which is massive and heavy, 11.5 x 14. Also, Insomnia the bibliomysteries I had sent to her, Seven Years and The Pretty Little Box, and The Whole Town's Talking.
We went to The Writer's Block, the new downtown bookstore and it's so incredibly charming, filled with plants and little dioramas and a very large rabbit in a wooden hutch. I bought:
The Bird's Nest, Elizabeth by Ken Greenhall, Crime Fiction: A Very Short Introduction and Animal Behavior: A Very Short Introduction.
From the library book sale, I bought:
The Fiction Class
This Is Where I Leave You
At Ease With the Dead
The House on Mango Street
Rider of Lost Creek
Camp Austen
and when we came home this afternoon a BookMooch, Black Swan Green, was in the mailbox.

feb. 28, 9:25pm

Hope the diagnosis turns out to be ok. Have a great week ahead.

feb. 28, 9:54pm

Yay to feeling better!

Ruth 2wonderY ask me to set up a thread about opening up my house, and I'm thinking I didn't tell you about it because I've just been there and you haven't posted. It's in gardens and books and it's called The Ninth Circle. Please come and give the place some class!

març 1, 8:21am

>80 figsfromthistle: Thanks, so far, so good! You have a great week too.

>81 SomeGuyInVirginia: I can tell you she's already feeling much better because her nose went from warm and dry to cool and wet, and she's eating meals rather than bits by hand.
Ooh, yes, I will be coming by!

Editat: març 1, 9:15am

24. The Murder of Dr. Chapman by Linda Wolfe. Dr. Chapman worked to cure stammering, creating a method lost to time as he made patients promise to never reveal how he treated them. His wife, Lucretia, was a self-made successful businesswoman, a teacher who founded the first boarding school for girls in Philadelphia. Eventually the Chapmans moved miles outside the city to a large house in order to give the students and their own five children a healthier environment. They had a reputation for giving people in need a place to stay for a night or two. It was because a young man named Lino Espos y Mina was directed to their home for free shelter in 1831 that the following events occurred.
Mina was a fraud, a thief and compulsive liar, and likely a sociopath. He was from Cuba, and at twenty-one, had already served more than a year in prison for taking part in robberies with a gang. When he arrived at the Chapmans he had nothing but told them he was the son of a famous Mexican general in San Francisco, he just needed to get in contact with his father in order to get money. This was a story, with many variations, that he told throughout the States, always that he was the son of a rich, powerful man and that anyone who was nice to him now would be rewarded with riches once his father was around. Plenty of trusting people fell for it, but only Lucretia went this far in her gullibility. The reader wants to shake her for being so easily duped, but she was completely infatuated with Lino and never questioned his lies. In fact, it was the local tailor, who refused to make more suits for Lino because the young man was spending too much of Lucretia's money, who opened her eyes to how foolish she'd been.
Others in the household recognized that Lucretia was increasingly frustrated with her husband, likely bored and angry that the bigger responsibility of their income fell to her while her husband became less ambitious. When the stranger with an exotic appearance and promises of a wealthy family arrived, Lucretia seems to have lost all propriety, fawning over the stranger who was half her age, and a servant reported that she soon was seeing signs that her mistress and the stranger were sleeping together. Lucretia paid for Lino to have new suits, openly doting on him and spending afternoons away from home with him. Within weeks of his arrival, Dr. Chapman was dead and Lucretia and Lino were married just days later. Was the death natural or was Dr. Chapman poisoned? The resulting trials were infamous.4 stars

I read this for the ScaredyKit "Creepy Non-Fiction" month, but it's also a ROOT.

març 1, 10:16am

25. The Pretty Little Box by Charles Todd. A bibliomystery published by The Mysterious Bookshop. This is the story of a small 14th Century jeweled and illustrated prayer book and the many hand it passes through, usually bringing terrible luck to the current owner. 4 stars

març 1, 9:34pm

>79 mstrust: A bookstore with a rabbit?! Two of my favourite things :D

març 2, 9:14am

It's a cool place alright, and I was delighted to see that rabbit, who was in the YA section, I believe. The office, with an employee in it, was built right in the center of the floor, so they're keeping an eye on it.

març 2, 9:28am

26. Fairytale Baking by Christin Geweke. My sister gave me this very pretty German-made baking book. Its chapters are headed by tellings of famous fairytales, like Snow White and Hansel and Gretel, and includes many recipes accompanied by gorgeous Old World-styled photography. The recipes are for modern bakers though, with chocolate and espresso biscotti, white chocolate caramel cake, blackberry ganache tartlets and a berry marbled cheesecake. There are spins on traditional German desserts, such as mini marbled kugelhopfs that have dark chocolate swirled into the batter.
Though many of the recipes call for ingredients I don't keep on hand, like gelatin sheets, others are made with things I always have and I'll give them a try. 5 stars

març 2, 9:37am

Editat: març 2, 9:51am

Morning Jennifer! Funny I just read online this morning that certain Dr Seuss novels will not longer be published. Will and I read "If I Ran the Zoo" a gazillion times because, he did, at the age of 4, want to own a zoo.
"And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street"
"If I Ran the Zoo"
"McElligot's Pool"
"On Beyond Zebra!"
"Scrambled Eggs Super!"
"The Cat's Quizzer"

Get well wishes for Coral!

Editat: març 2, 9:53am

There have been stupid claims by stupid people who want to re-organize society to their own angry creation. I've noticed that it's the American icons that generations have loved that are suddenly "offensive". Anybody who can't find joy in Dr. Seuss is hopeless.
That's all I have to say about it.
Coral says thanks!

març 2, 10:33am

And I meant to mention two new things for me today. First, I'm leaving in half an hour to see a new dentist, and since dentists scare me, this is my first visit in about four years. I thought about re-scheduling but I'm gonna do it.
Second, my first deliver of Imperfect Foods comes today. The window is 7am-9pm. My box will be produce and goat cheese. I hope it's good.

març 2, 12:30pm

>91 mstrust: Good luck with the dentist! We've been getting Imperfect Foods deliveries for wow, a few years now. Every once in a while there are some duds but they have some really good stuff, and they're always really good about resolving any issues with deliveries. We get most of our coffee from them.

març 2, 5:18pm

Thanks, Natalie!
Unfortunately, things were worse than I thought. Apparently my mouth is a horror show, even though I'm pretty religious about my dental care. When the dentist says you're going to "start with root canals", you know things are bad. :-C At least they're offering me Xanax for the procedures.
It's good to hear you're happy with it and the coffee is good. I was wondering. The box just showed up and things look good. Not weird looking produce, as I'd hoped, but small with slight blemishes.

Editat: març 2, 7:26pm

Yikes! Start with! I don't like dentists either, but unless you have an abscess there's always a way to manage pain or discomfort. And Xanax is great but don't get hooked on it because it's harder to get off Xanax than it is heroin. Dad took at least one pill everyday for a year or two and I don't think he ever got hooked. Of course I don't know, because he never skipped a day either.

Do you like this dentist? And trust him? I mean, you can always get a second opinion.

març 2, 8:26pm

>93 mstrust: Do you have a really good reason to trust this dentist? My daughter was convinced that she needed some expensive treatments by the practice that had taken over from the one my husband went to. When I took her to the dentist I'd been seeing for 30+ years she needed none of it.

Editat: març 3, 9:37am

27. Seven Years: A Bibliomystery by Peter Robinson.
A bibliomystery from TMB.
A retired Cambridge classics professor enjoys his days driving to small villages to see the historical sites and rummage through old bookshops. In one such shop he purchases a few books, then later when going through the Browning book of poetry, he finds an inscription he hadn't seen before buying, a rather sinister and threatening inscription to someone named "Miss Scott".
His concern for this woman's safety, and his interest in knowing what that inscription was all about, leads the professor into sleuthing. 4 stars
And now I have to read Browning's "Porphyria's Lover", as it figures prominently in this story.

març 3, 9:53am

>94 SomeGuyInVirginia: >95 quondame: I do trust the dentist. He's had his practice for 20 years and comes with very good reviews and was recommended by a neighbor. I knew there would be cavities and that I needed some fillings replaced, I think I just downplayed my issues to myself. Going to the dentist wasn't a problem for me until about ten years ago when I had a single appointment with a sadistic dentist who tried to rip my teeth out with that little hook.
I've always had a mouthful of problems with my back teeth, even though I do everything that's supposed to keep your teeth healthy. I don't know what else I'm suppose to do, other than see a dentist more often, which is what I've avoided. *sigh*

>94 SomeGuyInVirginia: Not much chance of me getting hooked on Xanax, dang it. They will be prescribing just one or two at a time for when I'm going to have a procedure. For what I'll be paying they should give me a mason jar of the stuff.
>95 quondame: Wow, that dentist should have his license yanked!

març 3, 10:30am

What?! Dang it! Sorry about the root canals. Ugh. I've never had one but my former dentist was insistent I have my old fillings replaced with crowns. I gave in because my husband and son went to her too and I didn't want to create bad feelings that she takes out on them.
She retired a couple of months before covid (I swear she knew something was coming) and now I'm stuck with 4 or 5 whittled down teeth with crowns on them. So yeah, I think some dentists see problems where there are none.

When is your root canal scheduled for?

març 3, 2:44pm

I don't have the root canals scheduled yet, I told the scheduler that I needed to work up to that. But I did call this morning and scheduled to have two cavities taken care of in a few weeks. Again, needed some time to resign myself to it. She asked if I needed some Xanax to come in and do that but I turned it down. Small victories.

març 3, 5:32pm

I had a crown pop off a few months ago and I haven't been able to bring myself to go to a dentist to get it replaced, either. So my left hand size are looks like a Nosferatu fang.

I'ma take sleep meds and go to lay down.

març 3, 6:46pm

I hope you're getting some rest. Moving is stressful.

març 3, 6:57pm

We could be twins!

I use the speak-to-type function on my phone, so 'my left hand size are' was when it left my head, 'my left hand incisor'. I've really got to proof my work before I had send.

Re: Dr Seuss, history has never, not once, been kind to book burners. I doubt that's going to change anytime soon and a few years from now the people who demanded Dr Seuss be removed will be objects of ridicule.

març 3, 9:37pm

>97 mstrust: Oh, well, then I guess the root canals will have to happen. About 30 years ago a hygienist at my dentist was really rough with the cleaning and very negative in her nagging. I told the dentist when he came in that Attila the hygienist wasn't every going to get near my mouth again. I never saw her again and ever since I've been taken care of by a very gentle handed lady.

març 4, 12:35pm

I chose my current dentist based on their reputation for being very non-judgmental and gentle. I hadn't been to a dentist in years when I started going and they were very kind at first. But my last two visits were less stellar; both hygienists were almost passive aggressive and it was definitely not the non-judgmental experience I'd been promised. The dentist herself is still nice, but their staff has definitely been less good ever since she opened her practice to another dentist. I haven't been in a year due to COVID, but I was thinking of switching dentists before that anyway.

març 4, 12:58pm

>102 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ah, that explains your sometimes interesting phrasing!
Maybe in 2031 someone will take the time to comb through the 2021 media posts of the Always Enraged Gang and out them. I think it's pretty strange that in a pandemic there are people still making up things to be bitching over. I'm very suspicious of these people. *narrows eyes to watch them being all shady*

>103 quondame: >104 curioussquared: This field needs to be filled by the nicest people on earth. Nobody wants to go to the dentist and the visit should be filled with rainbows and nitrous oxide. Everybody should get a prize at the end and the size of the prize is determined by what you went through. A root canal should get you a pony or at least a nice bracelet.

I should have mentioned that the first thing that was done was a whole series of x-rays and photos, so when he went over what I needed to have done, it was all there on the computer with 3D looking software. I didn't have to take his word for it because the problems showed up as white on the teeth. It was all very technologically advanced and I didn't have a leg to stand on ;-)

Editat: març 4, 3:58pm

Aquest missatge ha estat suprimit pel seu autor.

Editat: març 4, 4:17pm

Aquest missatge ha estat suprimit pel seu autor.

març 5, 8:26am

Best of luck with your dental work! I have poor enamel and have always had trouble with my teeth. Several root canals and lots of fillings, so I've been there and I sympathize. The fretting beforehand always seems so much worse than the actual procedures, though, if that helps at all. Hang in there - you can do it!

març 5, 11:04am

Thanks! I need to picture my own cheerleading crew when I'm in that chair. I do have the ability to get myself freaked out ;-D.
I've wondered if my back teeth are made of something like chalk because I don't get how they could be so porous. Do I chew gravel in my sleep?

març 5, 11:07am

Coral is back on the meds, as her cough came back so we got another prescription for her. She'll be on it for about six weeks.
Btw, did you know you can get pet prescriptions filled at the grocery store? I had no idea because we'd always gotten them from the vet before, but we got these filled at Fry's.

març 5, 11:29am

Seems I've slipped on keeping up with the gold in my golden thread.

This was the crown of Princess Blanche, circa 1370-80. Known as "The Bohemian Crown", it is the oldest surviving English crown. Isn't it beautiful? Gold, emeralds, rubies, pearls, diamonds and sapphires. It has been in the treasury of the Munich Residenz since 1782.

Editat: març 5, 12:39pm

>110 mstrust: We get Skelly's daily heart meds from the normal human pharmacy because I guess it's a common human medication and the vet just doesn't carry it! I usually pick them up in the drive thru pharmacy, and they always include a dog treat with the medication :) I hope Coral starts feeling more herself soon!

>110 mstrust: Wow, that is quite the crown!!

març 5, 12:48pm

Wouldn't be awesome if, when your dentist told you he was giving you a crown, he meant that?! I mean, hell, I'd sit in a dentist chair for that.

març 5, 4:18pm

>112 curioussquared: Thanks for the good wishes for Coral! She's coughing again this afternoon and I know it must hurt.
I'm glad we found out we could get some stuff from the regular pharmacy because we can use our rewards card and get a huge discount. I guess it is the same medication as for humans.
It's a beautiful crown and I like to think that Blanche wore it and chanted "I'm a princess, I'm a princess..."

>113 SomeGuyInVirginia: How do you petition to create a law?

març 6, 2:40pm

28. The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. In 300 pages of iambic pentameter, this is the story of John, who is desperately lonely and calls up a former girlfriend, Jan, to help him figure out how he can find love. Jan jumps right in and places an ad, then sorts through to find good matches for John, which ends with him meeting and falling for attorney Liz. They're very happy together, but their relationship angers Liz's old cat, Charlemagne, who takes great pleasure in destroying John's things and peeing on his pillow.
This is also the story of John's best friend, Phil. His wife left him and their young son a while ago, something they are still dealing with, but Phil finds an unexpected love in Ed, Liz's brother. Keeping their relationship hidden to their family and friends, there is also the issue of Ed's Catholic guilt, which seems to come up when Phil believes they should be at their happiest.
Remarkably fleshed out, these are characters that have hidden sides and the ability to evolve. They deal with parenthood, illness, government and corporate pollution, and religion. Yes, it's hard to read a poem this long, yet it's filled with humor. 4.5 stars

This is a ROOT, as I bought it two years ago.

març 6, 2:46pm

>115 mstrust: Seth has proven adept at stretching literary boundaries, Jennifer and gets nowhere near the credit he deserves IMHO.

Have a great weekend.

març 6, 2:58pm

I believe his best known is A Suitable Boy, which I haven't read yet but I'll definitely be looking for more of his work. This book is pretty amazing and I recommend it highly.
Thanks, Paul, and you too!
We started this morning with a two mile walk. I'll be coming up with a dinner that I know will involve chicken and tomatoes because that's what I have a lot of, and I believe I have talked Mike into starting the re-do of the downstairs den, so tomorrow might include a few buckets of primer and lunch. Coral can't go to the park until she's well.
But for now I need to get another load of laundry on and sprawl on the couch to watch The Detectorists. Prime has added the third season and I love it.

març 6, 5:06pm

>115 mstrust: Well, that's a perfect one for this thread! Great review. I'll put that one on my list. hahaah, I know all about Catholic guilt.

març 6, 6:05pm

>115 mstrust: Oh man! another BB from you!

Have a great weekend.

març 7, 11:22am

>118 Carmenere: Yes! This book was my golden thread inspiration, so I'm glad I got it in before this thread ended (I've done that before, left the thread inspiration book til it was too late for the thread it was inspiring.)
Mike was raised Catholic too but has been a practicing nothing since I've known him.

>119 figsfromthistle: Hooray! Thanks, and you have a great weekend too!

While getting my housework done yesterday I finished the second season of the Tenfold More Wicked podcast, the Burke and Hare season. I also had to save my pot of arugula as our temp shot up to 87F and my arugula collapsed from the heat. I brought it in and soaked it with water that had about a tbs of used coffee grounds in it and it looked almost good as new about an hour later. It's supposed to reach 87 again today.
We caught the episode of Scooby Doo, and Guess Who? with Steve Buscemi last night. Yes, Scooby Doo and Steve Buscemi hunting a fire monster in Sicily. They drew Buscemi with straight teeth.

març 7, 5:04pm

29. Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. A fantastical reassurance to children that they will be successful as long as they have the courage to try new things. I like that Seuss doesn't just speak about winning. He points out that life is also about failing and sometimes being left behind, but everyone can find their own path. His prose is simple but remarkably profound. 5 stars

All Alone!
Whether you like it or not,
Alone will be something
you'll be quite a lot.

And when you're alone, there's a very good chance
you'll meet things that scare you right out of your pants.
There are some, down the road between hither and yon,
that can scare you so much you won't want to go on.

But on you will go
though the weather be foul.
On you will go
though your enemies prowl.
On you will go
though the Hakken-Kraks howl.
Onward up many
a frightening creek,
though your arms may get sore
and your sneakers may leak.

març 8, 9:49am

I wish I still got that pop from reading that I got when I was a kid, and every book opened up a new world. It sometimes still happens, The Glass Castle did it for me and I just read The Storied Life of AJ Fikry and it made me cry, although I hated it for it because I saw it coming.

març 8, 11:10am

>122 SomeGuyInVirginia: Hey, Guy in Virginia, I'm hijacking Jennifer's thread a bit. I've just read Ordinary Grace and it was absolutely a story where you will not see it coming. I hear This Tender Land by the same author William Kent Krueger is very good too.

Editat: març 8, 3:43pm

>122 SomeGuyInVirginia: I know what you mean, though I still find books to get excited about, such as the Flavia de Luce stories. Maybe reading outside your normal genres for a while? If nothing else it might make you remember what you loved.
I haven't read AJ Fikry yet but I'm 90% positive I have it on the shelf. Must be something if it wrung tears from you!

>123 Carmenere: Thanks for recommending some surprises. Yes, maybe Larry just needs to be blindsided by a story.

març 12, 9:35am

30. A Likely Story by Jenn McKinlay. Part of Library Director Lindsay Norris's job is to deliver books to the residents scattered across the Thumb Islands, off the coast of Connecticut. She does this every two weeks, the boat captained by her ex- boyfriend Sully.
Star Island is inhabited by two elderly brothers who never leave, with one brother being in a wheelchair and the other his caretaker. When Lindsay and Sully arrive and Stewart isn't waiting for them at the dock, they have no choice but to make their way to the grand old house, which isn't easy because the paranoid brothers are known to have booby trapped the whole island. Once inside the hoarder home, they find what they were afraid of, one of the brothers is dead, and the other is missing.

This wasn't so great for me. It turns out to be the sixth in a series, so the references to past experiences crop up, especially the past relationship between the main characters Lindsay and Sully.
What really didn't work for me was the character of the library employee who does the toddler story time. The whole town, including this employee, knows that Lindsay discovered a dead body that day, but Beth comes up to Lindsay and sobs because her regulars aren't coming in to listen to her read. Then they put on disguises to check out the competition. After finding a murdered man.
I liked the author's bakery series.
2.5 stars

març 13, 7:36pm

>123 Carmenere: >124 mstrust: I'll have to check it out.

>125 mstrust: Too bad, sounds like a cool setup. I just finished One by One by Ruth Ware. It wasn't meh but it wasn't a gripping thriller.

Editat: març 14, 1:42pm

I thought I would like it more than I did. A small town librarian who finds bodies all over the place sounded good. I think I would have liked it more if it leaned on the murder and books part more than the romantic problems.

I had Covid this past week. My version of it hasn't been that bad, which is what my sister and nephew experienced too, back in November. Just a single day of light-headedness, then tired enough to take two naps a day for a few days, chilly enough to wear a sweater and blanket. And loss of taste and smell, which suddenly re-appeared today. Happy about that. I'm still staying home but it looks like the worst of it is over.

març 14, 2:08pm

31. Animal Behavior- A Very Short Introduction by Tristram D. Wyatt.
Wyatt is a member of an animal behavior research group at Oxford. This book was written for the layman to understand why animals, birds and insects do what they do, whether this is hunting, nesting, protecting the group or choosing a mate. There are discussions of how honeybees find and direct their hivemates to the best flowers, how young vervet monkeys learn when to give alarm calls through trial and error, and that both paper wasps and Harris's sparrows will attack low-standing individuals who attempt to pass themselves off as high-ranking. There is a discussion of tool usage, how songbirds learn their songs and how parenting skills are acquired.
There are many really interesting, meaty passages of information in this book, but as it is a short introduction to animal behavior, it covers too many types of behavior to satisfy the reader who is familiar with the subject. This is a jumping-off point though, and the novice would be able to come away with the names of researchers and studies to further explore. 4 stars

març 14, 7:02pm

>127 mstrust: I'm sorry to hear about you're getting Covid and glad that it was such a mild case for you.

març 14, 10:43pm

>127 mstrust: Holy guacamole! Did you go to the doctor? Does this mean you are still going to get the vaccine or are you going to hold off? I'm sorry you got it but I'm glad that it seems to have been a mild case.

març 15, 2:10am

>127 mstrust: Oh what a mess,I hope you are doing well and get well soon and your sense of taste comes back soon.

març 15, 8:38am

So, how is this going to impact your plans for world domination? Do you think you'll still be able to hold the garden parties and carry out all the other nefarious deeds that your admittedly ambitious timeline require?

març 15, 9:11am

>127 mstrust: I'm sorry to hear you caught Covid, especially with loss of taste and smell. Relieved to hear that you had a shorter case of it, but do keep an eye out for longer-term symptoms. The "long Covid" that many people have developed sounds really scary.

març 15, 9:59am

*gasp* I thought it odd that your thread was silent for a couple of days. Glad is was mild case. How's Mike? Did he come down with symptoms too?

Editat: març 15, 11:03am

>129 quondame: Thanks, I'm relieved it was so easy too. That's why I mistook my symptoms for a severe allergies for the first two days.

>130 SomeGuyInVirginia: I'm thinking that the version I have is what a person who doesn't have any additional health concerns gets. My sister, nephew, and ex-BIL all had it and it was the same experience as mine, with fatigue and shortness of breath (I think I forgot to mention that one. I tried to exercise and that lasted all of three seconds) the most severe symptoms. So I slept. I had every symptom on the list except for nausea, and I'd still say I've had colds that were worse, and it's nothing compared to the flu or food poisoning. There's no reason to go to the doctor unless you have severe symptoms, you just ride it out at home. I've taken mucus relief pills, Breathe Easy tea and Nyquil. They just ease symptoms and help with sleep.
My niece is a nurse in Calif. and she was put in a Covid ward for a day and didn't get it. The wife of a friend is also a nurse, but she travels, going to assigned hospitals and centers. She was specifically working with Covid patients, which she shouldn't have because she has a laundry list of her own health problems, one of the sickliest people I know. She got it and still it only lasted two weeks for her.

>131 SirThomas: Thanks, Thomas, I think I'm doing pretty well! My sense of smell suddenly came back yesterday while we were in the living room talking, just flipped back on and I could smell the peppermint air freshener. So Mike ran out and brought home a bbq lunch, and I could enjoy it.
Things dimmed a bit later that night, taste became mild. Now it's sort of coming and going.

Editat: març 15, 11:24am

>132 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ooooh, it doesn't change my plans for destruction at all! In fact, now I don't have to brush my hair and feed people, so even better. I'll just sit in my villainous lair, in my villainous chair, and cancel everybody at my leisure!
Can I ask you to poison your own coffee for me this morning? I can't reach.

>133 rabbitprincess: Thanks, Princess! I still have the taste and smell going in and out a bit, and an occasional cough, but I think other than that, I feel pretty good. Some people have severe cases of this, but for me, it's been more a whimper than a bang. The hardest part is Mike and I keeping our distance. I'm in the spare room, no kisses goodbye in the morning and he can't steal from my plate now. And Coral is unhappy that I haven't been able to hug and kiss her because dogs can get it.

>134 Carmenere: Hi, Lynda! Mike's absolutely fine, no symptoms, fingers crossed. We're keeping our distance and I've been spraying the living room with Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray.
Mike's friend, whose wife is the traveling nurse who got Covid, drove cross country with her to bring her home when she got sick, and he didn't catch it. Must be that natural immunity, and we're hoping Mike has it too.

març 15, 1:33pm

I'm hosting April's ScaredyKit month. The topic is "Possession". Oooh, scary! Join us:

març 16, 10:43am

I hope you feel better!

març 16, 12:18pm

Thanks, Nicole! I feel better, aside from a headache.

març 16, 12:34pm

This is one of several replicas of The Welcome Stranger, the biggest gold nugget ever discovered. Found in Moliagul, Victoria, Australia in 1869 by two Cornish prospectors, the nugget was found lodged in the roots of a tree. It weighed over 173 lbs. (78kg) but had to be broken up to fit on the scale. It was broken into sections before a photo could be taken. The tiny town where it was found still draws gold prospectors to this day.

març 17, 10:20am

>136 mstrust: Well of course I'll poison my own coffee, poor thing. You look all done in. Here let me top that cup off for you.

I've got some distant cousins, whom I've never met, that live in Florida and are treasure hunters. They look for Spanish gold in the sea or that has washed up on the shore.

I woke with a level 5 out of 10 migraine this morning. I took a handful of pills and went back to bed, now just feel sort of headachey and rung out. The pollen in Lynchburg is really bad and I'm sure that's what's triggered this one and the other one I had last week. I have to remember to take my Claritin knock off.

març 17, 11:51am

That's an interesting hobby, and one that may pay off someday as there are still so many undiscovered shipwrecks there. Friend them. You never know.
Your poor head. *I'm whispering. Appreciate it.* I hope you feel better, unless you're trying to convince the boss, you, that you can't unpack today.
It took three Ibuprofen to feel better yesterday, and half a mucus relief pill. Mike brought home these horse pills that I have to cut, because if I didn't choke getting it down, the amount of medicine might kill me.
Just a theory, but I think you could put enough vanilla creamer in a cup of dark roast to cover up anything else you might have slipped in.

març 18, 1:33pm

>141 SomeGuyInVirginia: A long time ago you asked me what podcasts I listen to, but this is for anyone who enjoys podcasts. I listen to them as I clean the house or re-arrange my library.
I don't know if I mentioned Criminal a true crime podcast where the episodes are usually under an hour. I loved this latest episode, "Hot Lotto", about the mystery surrounding an unclaimed Iowa lotto ticket worth millions of dollars. No murder here but still so engrossing.

març 18, 4:58pm

32. Grateful American by Gary Sinise. An autobiography by the actor/director, best known as Lt. Dan from the film Forrest Gump. Most of this book is his personal life and career, childhood and family, how he started acting, and then how he co-founded the famous Steppenwolf Troupe of Chicago. There are anecdotes about the famous actors he's worked with and about the making of Forrest Gump. He also discusses his wife's alcoholism and treatments.
Bookending this are discussions of Sinise's work with the USO and veteran's groups, which has taken him to performing in war zones, visiting wounded soldiers and acting as an ambassador for Vietnam Vets groups. He speaks of his gratitude to the people who have fought for America. 3.5 stars

març 19, 9:17am

>144 mstrust: I remember the work that he did right after the war in Iraq started, and was always touched by it. Regardless of one's politics, those men and women have no choice but to be there and they need our support. So many of them come back profoundly damaged.

YOU got me hooked on the podcast My favorite murder. I hope you're proud of yourself Mrs Pusher Woman, Madame 'The First Podcast is Free.'

Re: the way cool Florida branch of the family, I don't know if it's because they live so far away or what but I've never met any of them. I wouldn't even know how to get in touch with them now other than a Google search. Fortunately my last name is not common so if I get a hit I know that they are related to me.

març 19, 11:57am

Yes, I was surprised to learn that he has 30 years of working with soldiers and vets. He really is determined to do what he can and doesn't mind that he's forever called "Lt. Dan".
He tells a hilarious story here about the first time he got drunk, when he was thirteen and had been skimming and saving various alcohols from his parent's liquor, then decided the perfect time to drink everything was when the whole family was home.

Well, I got myself hooked on MFM again too, so I need to have others addicted too. But, come on, you love it. They have cleaned up a majority of the f-words and the vocal fry too, so it's more listenable.
I'm hoping the "Full Body Chills" podcast has another season, and "TenFold More Wicked" will start a new season in a week or so. Just try it, man.

My mother's family is huge, so I have many distant relatives like that, where we wouldn't recognize each other.

març 19, 12:59pm

Have you seen the new tiki mug from Tiki Farm? It's amazing! It's called 'the passenger'. I took one look at it and said 'oh hell yes' and I made a promise to stop buying tikis.

març 19, 8:18pm

So I just had to go look. Now I want one!

març 20, 11:35am

>147 SomeGuyInVirginia: You made me realize that I'd never posted a pic of Frankie's 12th Anniversary mug from late last year. We have #45 and picked it up at Christmas. It's a really traditional look and is made by Bosco instead of their usual Tiki Farm.

Now I'm off to check out Tiki Farm's site.

Editat: març 20, 11:49am

>147 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ha! Very cool!

>148 drneutron: Larry is quite the influencer.

We watched a new doc last night about a guy Mike used to hang around with when we started dating, "Mean Man: The Chris Holmes Story".

març 23, 1:17pm

33. Haunted Nights edited by Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton. A collection of short stories published by Blumhouse Books, part of Blumhouse Productions.
Here are stories that feature traditional horror tropes, such as the haunted house or secluded cabin, but each story has an unexpected twist that brings a freshness and true creepiness. These are character driven stories rather than gory, in fact there's little blood. All the stories have at least a part that takes place on Halloween.
In "We're Never Inviting Amber Again" by S.P. Miskowski, a jerk who hates his sister-in-law is given proof that she isn't just an attention-seeking weirdo. In "The Seventeen Year Itch" by Garth Nix, the long-time employees of a psych ward try to convince a new doctor that they need to take special precautions on Halloween with a certain patient.
Well-chosen, well-written and highly recommended. 4.5 stars

març 24, 12:59pm

Oh, this one sounds good!

març 24, 1:04pm

I agree, I just bought it!

març 24, 1:14pm

>152 drneutron: It is!
>153 SomeGuyInVirginia: Oooh, hope you like it too! I think the stories are exceptional.

My reading has definitely slowed down. I was finishing books at top speed (for me) and now I'm back to my usual snail pace. I've been slowed down by my work on the maple book. I've been working on recipes, including cocktail recipes, and not to paint myself into a corner, but I may finish in April.
Also, I've been binging "Horrible Histories".

març 24, 1:34pm

>151 mstrust: Oooo, that does sound good. It's in my cart!

març 24, 5:35pm

Enjoy, Lynda!

Editat: març 24, 5:43pm

34. Miao Doa by Joyce Carol Oates.
Thirteen year-old Mia doesn't know how to handle her situation. The boys at school seem to have formed a club dedicated to touching and body-checking the girls who are developing, and right now, that means Mia is being harassed daily. Things get worse when her parents divorce and her mother marries a creepy guy who is clearly watching Mia.
Her one bit of happiness is the feral cat who Mia sneaks into the house, a cat that grows big and still maintains the ability to hunt prey. 4 stars

A novelette available on Kindle.

març 25, 10:19am

>151 mstrust: Added to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing your review!

març 25, 12:06pm

You're very welcome, Nicole! Looks like a lot of people were searching for a book of scary, not gory, stories.

Editat: març 25, 12:15pm

It is the golden thread:

This candelabra ring belonged to Liberace, gifted from William Harrah, owner of the hotel and casino chain. It's 14k, platinum and diamonds, and has been exhibited in a Paris museum.

març 26, 8:51am

Bring the bling! Do you remember those gold nugget rings that televangelist Jimmy Swaggart used to wear? That should have been a dead giveaway that he was a con.

Editat: març 26, 11:43am

It's the sign of a successful performer with money to burn.

Gaudy? Yes, but we can't help ourselves, we have to look. I believe that's the candelabra ring on his index finger, while one of his piano rings in on the pinky.

març 26, 1:15pm

The Tiki Oasis event is going forward next month. Yesterday we bought tickets for two seminars- one on the Golden Age of Fashion and Travel and another about Don the Beachcomber.
Mom she has cancer on her ear. They'll be cutting in about a week and hopefully that'll be it. They said it'll be over in maybe two hours.
We finished watching "Truth Seekers", a sci-fi comedy starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on Prime, and then found out that it was cancelled last month, so no answers to the questions left by the last episode.

març 26, 7:34pm

>163 mstrust: Good luck to your mom!

març 27, 10:37am

Thanks, Nicole! I'm sure things will go smoothly. Though she showed me her ear in February and I thought it was strange rather than serious, so that shows what I know. I'd like to be there with her but she says it won't be a big deal, and I'm going to the dentist the day before to get started on the long list of work I need done.
And what's with that sentence I wrote in >163 mstrust:? "Mom she has cancer on her ear"? I need to look over what I've written before posting. I meant to say "Mom have icky ear."

My box of books from The Mysterious Bookshop arrived. These are my official Thingaversary purchases. The store e-mailed with a list of recently acquired purchases, must have been an estate sale, and they were Buy 2, Get 1 Free. So I jumped. There weren't any pics and now I see that most of them aren't in a condition that would have tempted me. I need to slow down and really read the descriptions, but I was in a snatchy mood.
Cocktail Time by P.G. Wodehouse. 1958 First printing. But ex-library and very used.
Nightshades by Bill Pronzini. 1984 First Edition, good condition.
Blowback by Pronzini. 1977, discolored cover, not bad condition.
The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott. 2013, good condition.
The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling by Lawrence Block- this was supposed to be the First Edition but it's not.
Burglars Can't be Choosers by Block. 1977. Cover is pretty worn, pages good.

març 27, 2:12pm

I had that cancer on the ear thing And my dad got them a few times. I don't think they're generally a big deal at all and they were able to burn mine off with, dry ice?, I don't know because I passed out as soon as I sat in the chair. I freaking hate doctors. Still, it's one thing to say don't worry and another thing not to worry, especially when she's your mom. Nothing but good thoughts kiddo!

març 27, 4:12pm

Oh, no! Well, I'm glad it wasn't a big deal for you and your dad. Cancer anywhere is something to be concerned about, but it sounds like this is an easy spot to take care of. Thanks, I'm sure your good thoughts will work like a superpower!
I don't know how she would have gotten it there, if it's skin cancer, because she's never had a hairstyle that showed her ears, she's always covered them.

març 27, 8:37pm

Mine was on my left ear and the doc told me that the left ear and the left arm are the most common spots for melanoma because they're closest to the driver side window.

How are you making out with recovery from covid?

Editat: març 28, 7:09pm

That makes sense. Years ago, when I was working in cosmetics, a rep for a product line pointed out that people get sun spots on their hands from driving. So I've always applied sunblock on my hands.
I'm doing just fine, thanks for asking. No problems at all.

We took Coral to the park this morning, went for lunch at Portillo's, and found a smokin' deal on mattresses at a furniture store, so we bought a new Cal king for the master and a queen for the spare room. Done with mattresses for a few years.
And we watched "Island of Lost Souls" with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi. Good movie.

març 29, 8:17am

Happy Monday!

>165 mstrust: Congrats on the new book acquisitions!

>162 mstrust: WOW! That's a lot of bling. It almost overshadowed the shiny hair :)

març 29, 8:19am

I've always wanted a king size bed. My new place will accommodate one but I'll have to get rid of one of the side tables.

I can't even imagine what dealing with the sun is like in Phoenix. The worst of it here in Virginia is in August when you have to let the car cool off for a couple of minutes after it's been locked up for a while.

març 29, 10:44am

>170 figsfromthistle: And happy Monday to you!
Mike is out hiking the mountain preserve, while I, uh, am not.
Thick head of hair, isn't it? And I'll bet it was well-trained too. Went to the Jack Lord Obedience School.

>171 SomeGuyInVirginia: I go with the biggest bed that fits reasonably in the room. I've stayed in rooms where the bed is too big and I had to angle around the room. It's annoying.
We've had a few 90F days here and there this month but now it's starting to warm up consistently and I hate it. We'll be around 96 at the end of this week. Tack another twenty degrees on for the summer.
I go through lots of sunblock year round. Finally, more shopping centers and grocery stores are figuring out covered parking, which should have been a basic all along. Not parking garages, but simply building shade for the cars in the parking lots. Otherwise, we use car shades and try to find trees to park under. Dark window treatments on the cars and houses, hats, and everybody is carrying water in the summer.

març 30, 9:45am

Right now buying a king size bed is just going to have to wait on the list. Jeez buying a house is expensive. I still have to have the electrician in to change the outlets to accommodate grounded plugs.

I've got a new Donald Westlake being delivered today! Woohoo!

març 30, 2:02pm

Yes, buying a house is so expensive, ha! So many things that you take for granted when you have a landlord, like having to install a garbage disposal, and lawn care. One of our headaches for maybe the first five years was getting a decent wi-fi connection. Our house was built in the 70's and the connection was so spotty that the computer would disconnect after 10 minutes.
Which Westlake? I believe the only one I've read is Somebody Owes Me Money but I have a few more on the shelf.

I'm back from the dentist. I had an old filling replaced and a new cavity filled, the first in a long list of procedures. They're insisted that my next step is a root canal, which has to be done by a specialist.

març 30, 9:14pm

Way behind on LT, but catching up on your most recent posts. Hope your mom fared well. I had a spot removed from my nose last year--it looks pretty good! And I am sorry you had to visit the dentist. I don't like to go at all. Good luck checking off the list. : )

març 31, 12:04pm

Hi, Kim!
Mom's at the doctor's right now, so I'm going to heck in with her later and see how it went. And I think my dentist appointment yesterday went as smoothly as possible. I took my homeopathic calming pills (I think of them as "don't make me kill you" pills) and it all took less than an hour. My new dentist is very nice.

Mike was up and hiking this morning before I even woke up, and then he brought me an iced coffee, so I didn't have to exercise and got coffee anyway, win win. We're planting a couple of aloes in the yard before he leaves for work.

març 31, 12:19pm

35. Welcome to the United States of Anxiety by Jen Lancaster. Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Lancaster explores the needs of the modern American and why these are making us unhappy. Topics are personal appearance, parenting, crime and police, politics and division, and the internet, which figures prominently in many of the other topics. The author looks at the differences between what used to be a situation that only a few people would know about and would be forgotten, versus now, when a stranger can take a pic or video, post it, and your mistake will live forever.
Most surprising to me, as this is the first I've read by the author so knew nothing about her personal life, was the author's discussion about cutting her parents out of her life because of her mother's outlandish and manipulative behavior, which included contacting the author's publisher to make claims of libel.
An interesting and often humorous look at modern life, and sometimes she has advice for lessening stress. 3.5 stars

març 31, 1:09pm

Just talked to Mom and it went really, really well. She has a big earmuff bandage on her ear but she was at the doctor's only about an hour and they got all the cancer. The nurse told her she has just a little bit missing from her ear. She was pretty perky.

març 31, 2:34pm

Did they cut it out to make it look like a tiny little doll bite?

The Westlake that came yesterday is Castle in the Air, a comic crime caper first published in 1980. I've never read a stinker by Westlake and that's because, like old school crime writers, he only wrote to please his audience. I read Somebody Owes Me Money but don't remember anything about it, which means it wasn't a personal fav. Really, you can't go bad with anything by him. Most of his books had strong comic elements, but the books he wrote as Richard Stark can be very dark, and The Ax written under his real name was just plain scary.

I've just ordered Wi-Fi extenders. In North Virginia I had 1, 000 mbps, here only 300 tops is available. I found that in Northern Virginia I didn't get 1, 000 and here I often get more than 300, so it about evens out. That said, Wi-Fi in the basement is dial up slow. I'm hoping the extenders will take care of that.

març 31, 5:27pm

Did they cut it out to make it look like a tiny little doll bite?
Although that would be thrill for some of us, I'm guessing no. She has to wear her big shot-in-the-ear bandage for two days though, so it could be a massacre under there. She'll take off the next bandage layer a few days after that, then a band-aid for two weeks.

I didn't want to say it in case you loved it, but I remember nothing about Somebody Owes Me Money either. I have The Ax, Put A Lid on It and Don't Ask on the shelf.
Good luck with your wi-fi. We've had hot spots (I think that's what they're called) and they work really well to improve our connections.

abr. 1, 1:29am

Glad your mom is doing well - and good luck with your teeth!

abr. 1, 9:48am

Thank you, Thomas! Mom and I are a couple of messes right now.

So I'm as surprised as everyone else about Stephen King's arrest, but I guess if he's going to shoplift anything it makes sense that it would be a case of 5 Hour Energy. Now we know the secret.

abr. 2, 6:38am

Stephen King was arrested - did I miss something?

Editat: abr. 2, 10:04am

You missed nothing but April Fool's Day, Thomas. My joke for this year got no bites ;-D

Just noting for myself that Maldoror arrived.

abr. 2, 12:10pm

Stephen King always wakes me up - he's one of my favorite authors. And on the net I even found an old news about an arrest, but it was a different King.

abr. 3, 8:21am

Good one! Okay, if Stephen King were arrested for shoplifting, what would he have stolen? I'd say it was an impulse lift and he would have taken something that he absolutely did not need, like a hair scrunchie or lace scarf. I can see the headline now, 'King lifts veil'.

abr. 3, 3:39pm

>185 SirThomas: Ha, I'm gonna guess that SK would prefer it if all the Stephen Kings of the world would behave themselves.

>186 SomeGuyInVirginia: Well, I had him swiping 5 Hour Energy drinks, but if he were to after a "thrill" steal, yeah, the scrunchie is a good choice. Maybe something like nail charms or a whole set of Matchbox cars. It has to be bizarre to be worthy.

Editat: abr. 3, 3:40pm

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

abr. 4, 6:49am

Happy Easter, Jennifer!

abr. 4, 6:54am

Happy Easter, Jennifer.

abr. 5, 10:31am

>189 Carmenere: > 190 Thank you, Lynda and Thomas! I had a good Easter and hope you did too.
We took Coral for her Sunday morning in the park, had a seafood lunch, went book shopping, picked up a Tiger Lily plant and took it to Mike's mom. Mike installed new vents around the house and we had Thai from a new restaurant for dinner.

Brought home:
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
The Westing Game
You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up
Theft By Finding

abr. 5, 10:47am

36. Skinwalkers by Tony Hillerman. Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police, are working the homicides of a couple of older men on the reservation, men who didn't seem to know each other and had few acquaintances, so the officers can't find a connection, especially when they might have to include in the death count a young health services woman who was so disliked that there could be any number of people who would be glad she was dead. When Chee turns out to be an intended victim and he finds indications of Navajo witchcraft, the officers are even more confused.

This was my first Hillerman, and I believe it's something like the seventh of the series, so it's interesting to find that Leaphorn and Chee aren't partners or even friends. The relationship is very much boss and subordinate, and they don't even work at the same station, so an unusual investigative team situation. The location covers the vast Navajo Nation, with the characters going to remote villages and Gallup. I'm familiar with some of these places and that makes it enjoyable, being able to picture the locales. I figured out whodunnit early on but that didn't stop it from being a good read. 4 stars
I read this for the April ScaredyKit group, this month's theme being "Possession", but there's no possession in this story, it's witchcraft.

Editat: abr. 5, 9:09pm

>192 mstrust: Good to know you liked it! Too bad there's no possession.

abr. 5, 11:32pm

Ermahgerd! Red/Black is great! Did you get these all from the same bookstore? Second hand? That sounds like a really great bookstore.

abr. 6, 11:20am

>193 PaperbackPirate: I did like it, and I'll back up and see if I can start from the beginning. Jeez, I think there are dozens in this series.

>194 SomeGuyInVirginia: Well, of course I jotted down that title because of you! Yes, all from the same Half Price Books in Paradise Valley. It's a great store and I always leave with an actual stack. And it's where I buy my boxes of Thank You cards every year.

abr. 8, 3:07pm

Come visit me at my new thread. I have food.
En/na mstrust#3-piece of cake! ha continuat aquest tema.