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Single-book tagmash game

feb. 9, 10:04pm

I recently stumbled across W. E. B. Du Bois's Data Portraits, and while I haven't entered it and tagged it, thinking about how I would do so made me think of a game (some people may remember the very similar Googlewhacking game):

Find a tagmash that returns exactly one result on LT - one work that has been tagged with both of these tags. Books you have tagged with either or both of the tags are disqualified, to prevent someone from creating such a tagmash themselves.

So a tagmash of "black history, data visualization" returns exactly one result.

Score is the product of the individual uses of each tag separately - this rewards common tags with very small overlap over tags that are individually themselves uncommon. Since "data visualization" has 585 uses (the number is given on the tag search page, but not on the tag page itself) and "black history" has 9218, the score for this first attempt has a score of 5,392,530.

feb. 9, 10:32pm

Tagmash: "homosexual, Valentine"

If I understand the scoring correctly, that's 1,062 x 1,335 for a score of only 1,417,770.

feb. 9, 10:44pm

I knew I could do better!

Tagmash: "Mesoamerican, sports"

Mesoamerican: 194 uses
sports: 92,337 uses

Score: 17,913,378

feb. 9, 1:32am

Nice one!

feb. 9, 4:44am
Tagmash of cephalopods and romance.

Romance has 825,694 uses (do I win?).
Cephalopods has 182 uses.

Score: 150,276,308.

What other weird "romance" tagmashes can you find?

feb. 10, 8:30am

feb. 10, 4:37pm

Wow! Today I learn.

feb. 10, 5:39pm

>6 wester: For the game record, I'm noting that tagmash returns 52 works.,+romance

>5 reconditereader: I'm surprised by how many weird (to me) "romance" tagmash searches return several works. Some are in the hundreds!

feb. 10, 5:58pm

>6 wester:

Your link is not to a tagmash. It's to a work.

feb. 11, 8:07am

>9 lilithcat: OK, so I thought it was a tagmash. What did I do wrong?

feb. 11, 10:27am

Thinking about how to game this.

only 117355

is 7 x 6123619 = 42,865,473
(technically I have tagged the book in question with fiction, but so have a *lot* of people)

feb. 11, 10:37am

>10 wester: You searched works, not a tagmash. Here's the tagmash for the same combo,+romance

When on search page, change to tagmash (under classification)

feb. 11, 1:32pm

wester (#10):

When you do a search, by default it will search works. Switch to a tag search to do a tagmash.

Editat: feb. 11, 7:55pm

>5 reconditereader: I am stunned that only one book is returned for that tagmash, as I have books in my own library that would probably qualify. I don't use the cephalopod tag, though, I use tentacular instead.

(I've also now added that book to my wishlist, because it is right up there with my interests. A great discovery!)