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Having a go

Editat: juny 12, 6:27am

It's been a lot of years and LibraryThing in Te Reo has had no action - probably not helped by an error that made the translation pages unusable for a long time.

I've just had a go at translating some of the main headings and concepts on LibraryThing. I don't speak te reo, so am mostly limiting to single kupu translations and trying to work with terms that are already used elsewhere for exactly the same things - I've probably done some terrible things to noun and verb forms as it is, but maybe that'll annoy someone enough into coming and fixing it.

This works Ok for words that are standardising online - like Save or Help, but it needs fluent speakers to dig into concepts and add some metaphorical flair.

Outside the obvious resource ( https://maoridictionary.co.nz/ )
I've found these useful:

I just feel like having some te reo already here will increase the chances that others will want to add to it.

feb. 25, 8:19pm

And now I think I might need to duel Tim for ownership of this rōpū so I can add macrons to the name and description.