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RebaRelishesReading in 2021 - #2 moving toward spring

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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

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I I joined LT in 2007 because I wanted to catalog my library but didn't truly appreciate the full wonder of the place until I found the 75'ers in 2012 (I think that's the year). It's a favorite part of my morning now. I also love meeting other members in person when possible.

For those of you I don't know, I'll introduce my self a bit. I'm a Californian by birth and have lived there much of my life but Hubby and I decided last October that it was time to leave our condo in the Uptown district of San Diego and move to some place quieter and, most importantly, nearer our youngest grandchild. We have two older grandchildren who we adore but Ally will be going to college in the fall and Kyle will be sixteen next month so they probably won't be living near us anymore even if we had stayed in San Diego. Quinn turned three in January so we will have many years enjoying him growing up as we did the other two. So I'm adding Washington State to the list of places I've lived at various times in my life: California, Arizona, Connecticut, the Netherlands, England, the Netherlands, California, Ireland, California and now Washington.

I'm a retired city planner who travels a lot (or did pre-Covid). For the past 11 summers we were at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York but among our recent changes we have sold our place there and will probably not attend the season any more. I will miss it but it's time to move on.

I read mostly fiction with a helping of biography or history thrown in. A couple of years ago I finished a personal challenge to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winning fiction. I've also challenged myself to read the Pulitzer wining biographies but I don't seem to be making much progress on that score.

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My Rating System:

Superb *****
Excellent ****1/2
Very good ****
Good ***1/2
Average ***
Don't bother **
Terrible *

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READ IN 2021

1. What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon**** (audio)
2. Anxious People by Fredrik Backman****(audio)
3. Lady in Waiting by Anne Glenconner***2/3 (audio)

4. This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens***(audio)
5. Death Comes to the Village by Catherine Lloyd***(audio)
6. Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand*** (audio)
7. What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand*** (audio)
8. Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand**(audio)
9. West With Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge ****1/2

10. The Late Bloomers' Club by Louise Miller****
11. The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths *** (audio)
12. Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr *** (audio)
13. Where the Light Enters by Jill Biden **** (audio)
14. Davita's Harp by Chaim Potok ****
15. Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd ***1/2(audio)
16. Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd ***1/2 (audio)
17. Death Comes to the Fair by Catherine Lloyd ***1/2 (audio)
18. Death Comes to the School by Catherine Lloyd***(audio)

19. Death Comes to Bath by Catherine Lloyd****(audio)
20. Death Comes to the Rectory by Catherine Lloyd****(audio)
21. The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams ****(audio)

feb. 27, 12:08pm

feb. 27, 12:22pm

>7 RebaRelishesReading: Love your welcome sign. Hope your spring reading is satisfying!

feb. 27, 12:23pm

SusanJ -- Thank you for helping me find my reading mojo again. I'm thoroughly enjoying West With Giraffes!!

feb. 27, 12:24pm

>8 SandyAMcPherson: Thank you Sandy. We posted at exactly the same time so you can see that I'm very much enjoying West With Giraffes and think I'm back to normal qua reading.

feb. 27, 2:08pm

Happy new one! Great topper

feb. 27, 2:13pm

Happy new thread, Reba. What a gorgeous photo at the top. West with Giraffes is an intriguing title.

feb. 27, 2:25pm

Happy new thread! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of West with Giraffes, Reba. As Beth says, intriguing title.

feb. 27, 2:40pm

Happy new thread, Reba.

feb. 27, 5:07pm

Happy new thread!

>1 RebaRelishesReading: What a stunning opener.

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Happy new thread, Reba! >1 RebaRelishesReading: The St Johns Bridge is so pretty, isn't it?

feb. 28, 7:29am

Happy new thread, Reba!

>1 RebaRelishesReading: Love the picture. I'm guessing your new home town? Interesting looking bridge.

feb. 28, 8:54am

Happy new thread, Reba! Your topper is beautiful!

feb. 28, 11:21am

Happy new thread! That picture is so pretty!

feb. 28, 12:36pm

Quinn has discovered his "dress up" box :) Pirate bee, anyone?

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>11 figsfromthistle:, >12 BLBera:, >15 quondame:, >18 scaifea:, >19 ChelleBearss: Thank you Anita, Beth, Susan, Amber and Chelle :)

>13 Oregonreader: Hi Jan. I'm nearly finished andI have enjoyed every minute of West With Giraffes!

>14 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul

>16 banjo123: Hi Rhonda. Yes it is pretty and thank you for telling me the name!

>17 EllaTim: Hi Ella. Glad you like the photo and, yes, it's "sort of" my new home. The photo is a view from Portland, Oregon which is the big city just across the river from Vancouver, Washington where I live. Vancouver, Washington (not be confused with the much more well known Vancouver, British Columbia) is a suburb of Portland in spite of being the 4th largest city in Washington (more than you wanted to know?)

feb. 28, 12:51pm

>20 RebaRelishesReading: Oh gosh, how adorable!

feb. 28, 12:55pm

>22 scaifea: Thanks Amber :)

feb. 28, 1:10pm

feb. 28, 5:42pm

Happy new thread, Reba!

feb. 28, 5:48pm

>21 RebaRelishesReading: Hi Reba. Thanks, it is confusing, those Vancouvers. I looked it up on a map, geography is not my strongest suit.

feb. 28, 6:15pm

>26 FAMeulstee: Dank je wel, Anita.

>27 EllaTim: You are definitely not the only person who is confused by the two Vancouvers. When we first started telling people we were moving to Vancouver we made a big point of saying Washington and still many people expressed surprise that we were moving to Canada. If we tell people "not Canada, Washington" they still assume we must be in the NORTH west corner of the state and, hence, close to the "real" Vancouver when actually we're in the SOUTH west corner. Sometimes I just say "Portland area" since westerners know where that is (easterners, on the other hand, automatically think "Maine" when you say "Portland" so that's confusing in it's own way too!

feb. 28, 6:27pm

>20 RebaRelishesReading: Oh yeah! Go Quinn! Love it Reba.

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West With Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge****1/2

As the cover says, this is "an emotional, rousing novel inspired by the incredible true story of two giraffes who made headlines and won the hearts of Depression-era America". How I did enjoy this book!!

Two young giraffes are rescued from their unspecified homeland by Belle Benchly, director of the San Diego Zoo (if I were still a San Diegan I would write "World Famous San Diego Zoo" since that's how it's always referred to in San Diego) who buys them for the Zoo's collection. On their way to New York the ship is caught in The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 and barely survives to make it to port. The head keeper of the Zoo is there to meet the ship and oversee their being driven cross-country to their new home. This book is the story of that journey as told by a 105-year-old man who as an 18-year-old dust-bowl survivor, helped bring them across.

I'm sure I enjoyed this book so much because:
- I adore giraffes, as any visitor to my home can attest
- I lived in San Diego for 33 years, and within walking distance of the Zoo for the last 11 of those years, and
- I have driven many parts of the route the animals took several times, although the Lee Highway as such no longer exists.

That said, it's a delightful book and I highly recommend it AND thank SusanJ for the bb :)

feb. 28, 8:35pm

Happy New Thread, Reba! I think I just took a book bullet for West With Giraffes. Yup, it's official. I just requested it from the library, although there are 11 people ahead of me for three copies.

març 1, 1:18pm

>31 ronincats: Hope you make it to the top of the list soon! It's a great read no-matter but extra nice for those of us with a San Diego connection I think.

març 1, 1:28pm

Off to walk on my lovely new treadmill :)

març 2, 8:29am

Hi Reba, and happy new thread!

>20 RebaRelishesReading: Adorable.

març 2, 11:24am

Thank you Karen :)

març 2, 12:48pm

Happy new thread, Reba! Your little pirate-bee is very cute up there. Does he say "bzzz-arrr" or is it the other way around?

Hooray for the giraffes! And I hope your new treadmill is fun, if that's the right word for exercise equipment...

març 2, 2:49pm

>36 susanj67: Hi Susan! The photo of pirate-bee was courtesy of his mother. We haven't seen it in person so I don't know what the sound effects are lol.

Actually the treadmill is rather fun. There are "walks" you can take. Yesterday I walked along the shore on St. Lucia. Treadmill changes speed and incline as you go and a trainer "walks" with you to talk you through it all (although I was listening to a book so didn't hear what she said). I don't know how many such walks there are but probably enough to keep it interesting.

març 2, 2:51pm

Hubby and I just got our second Covid vaccine shots and we only had to drive 3 miles to get them :) It's been almost two hours and we both still feel fine so I'm hoping we'll be lucky as to side effects. Also, this means we don't have to drive the 300 miles to where we got our first shots so we can be home tomorrow to take delivery of our family room sofa. This is turning out to be a very fine week!

març 2, 3:15pm

>38 RebaRelishesReading: So glad you could get your second shot a bit closer to home, Reba.
Hoping you stay both free of side effects.
My father will get his second shot next Sunday.

març 2, 3:21pm

>39 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita. So far so good although a bit ago Hubby came in to tell me he's feeling tired and going to bed which sounds like one of the side-effects to me, although "tired" is a lot better than "pain, nausea, etc."

març 2, 5:00pm

>38 RebaRelishesReading: woo hoo! Great news on all counts, Reba.

març 2, 6:10pm

març 3, 7:27am

Oh, I'm so glad the second shot worked out so that you don't have to drive such a long way for it! Fingers crossed that you continue to be side-effect free!

març 3, 7:32am

Reba, that's great news about your second shots! I hope MrReba is feeling less tired today, and you don't get any side effects. There is news research suggesting that the vaccines prevent transmission as well as symptoms, so that is fabulous news.

>37 RebaRelishesReading: The different walks sound like fun. Maybe you can unlock extra ones depending on how many steps you put in :-)

març 3, 12:31pm

>41 lauralkeet: >42 katiekrug: >43 scaifea: >44 susanj67: Thanks Laura, Katie, Amber and Susan. Hubby got up after a nap and felt completely fine and normal -- still does. I already had a bit of a back "issue" going on and it's now worse plus my arms are achy and I have a very low-grade head ache. Really, we're getting off very lightly!!

Susan, the treadmill asked me to answer a lot of questions about my goals and current condition and then offered me the walk I did. I'm not sure if it will just progress from there or ask for more input or if I have to go in and reset it. I really plan to listen to audio books while I walk so may not use that feature too much although it was nice to have it giving me "intervals" to do. More learning needed :)

Other big news from CasaMia -- the family room sofa arrived first thing this morning and we're very pleased. I have decided we really need a sofa table though (since the back is directly pointed at the entry and rest of the house and isn't very attractive. So I may go out shopping in a while. That should make my aches feel better :)

març 3, 7:31pm

My second shot left me with a blinding headache with extreme nausea Reba. Lasted about ten hours. But it's done none so I'm happy. As you are I'm sure.

març 4, 12:21pm

As I am indeed, Bonnie. By noon yesterday I was feeling pretty normal. I slept really well last night and other than the back ache I had before the shot all is well today AND I'm fully vaccinated :)

març 4, 12:42pm

Happy New Thread, Reba. Good to hear you got your second shot and are feeling fine.

març 4, 12:45pm

Thanks Connie :)

març 4, 2:13pm

Reba, I'm glad that the side-effects were mild and you can go table-shopping :-)

I read an article yesterday about US research that showed some women are getting swollen lymph nodes under their arms on the side they had their vaccination, and that the nodes were showing up on mammograms and causing (unnecessary) concern. So there's now a recommendation that anyone due for a mammogram should have it before their first shot, or wait a decent amount of time after the second one. The swelling is due to the immune response working, but apparently it doesn't usually happen with vaccines for other things so it took doctors by surprise. Here's an article (not the one I read, but it seems the internet is covering this quite widely now):

març 4, 2:16pm

>50 susanj67: - Yes, I've seen articles about this, too. And am glad I saw them, as I am due for a mammo but will now wait until at least a few weeks after my 2nd shot...

març 4, 7:41pm

>50 susanj67: Thanks for the heads up Susan. I hadn't heard about that but I'm current on my mammograms so I don't think it will be a problem. If it hangs on long enough I will try to remember this is a possibility if I ever have an unexpected mammo result.

As to the sofa table -- we visited five or six shops, some of which had no sofa tables at all!! but just as we were about to quit and go home we found one we really like, at a pleasant price and we were able to buy it right off the floor. It's working out really well :)

>51 katiekrug: Hi Katie.

març 4, 7:52pm

the Late Bloomers' Club by Louise Miller****

Nora's mom died when Nora was just a teenager leaving Nora to be a surrogate mother to her much younger sister. When Nora's dad died she inherited the family diner in a small town in Vermont. She doesn't feel like she's had many choices in life. Then she discovers that she and her sister are inheriting a house and land from one of the town's beloved seniors. Apparently a deal has been struck to sell the land to a big-box retailer but first it must be re-zoned.

This is a lovely book about relationships, small town issues and values, freedom, and responsibility. A very enjoyable read even if it did leave me misty eyed at the end.

març 5, 8:36am

>53 RebaRelishesReading: That one sounds pretty good, Reba - I think I'll add it to my list. Thanks for the review!

març 5, 9:29am

Congrats on getting your second shot, Reba. I just got my first one, what a relief!

>53 RebaRelishesReading: That does sound like a pleasant read.

març 5, 12:55pm

>54 scaifea: >55 BLBera: Hi Amber and Beth -- thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the book!!

març 5, 1:01pm

>53 RebaRelishesReading: That book plot sounds familiar but I can't find it on my catalogue either here or on my "at home" file.

I'll have to read it again, because it sounds appealing as all get out.
I like Vermont settings... I think it would feel very familiar should I ever *finally* get to visit that state.

març 6, 7:57pm

>57 SandyAMcPherson: I think you'll enjoy a reread, Sandy (if you've read it before). I know that feeling though of "i think I've read this but I have no record of it" -- gremlins I guess :)

març 7, 2:38pm

Hooray for being all vaccinated, and not having to drive to Wenatchee!

març 7, 10:01pm

Hi Reba! Things look great on your thread - I particularly live your little pirate-bee! You got me with two book bullets: West With Giraffes and The Late Bloomers Club.

Glad you are fully vaccinated! Educators have been prioritized here in CO ad I was able to schedule around my surgery. I get my second shot this week.

març 8, 11:49am

>59 banjo123: Thank you, Rhonda. We're happy too!

>60 AMQS: Hi Anne! Glad you're getting vaccinated and hope you're still recovering well from your surgery. Also hope you enjoy the books!

març 8, 12:01pm

The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths *** (audio)

I don't often read murder mysteries but this seemed like a good book to listen while walking and it was. Clare is a single-mom and English teacher in a Sussex high school whose life takes on a disturbing turn when her best friend, another English teacher at the school, is murdered. Aspects of the murder reflect a short story, "The Stranger", which was written by an author who lived in the house house which is now the school. Readings from the short story are sprinkled through the book. The chapters are written from the perspective of various characters including Clare, her daughter, and the police woman investigating the murder. The audio version uses different readers for the different characters which made it much easier to follow. A solid mystery read.

març 8, 1:47pm

Question for the bio scientists among us --

Hubby and I have both had 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine. As I understand once two weeks have passed we will be immune from getting sick with Covid but not necessarily from asymptomaticly carrying the virus. So...does that mean we could still infect others (like family members who have not yet been vaccinated)? We've been seeing little grandson and family without masks as a "bubble" but we would like to do some riskier things now (dinner in a restaurant, pedicure, haircut). What would that mean in terms of them?

març 8, 1:55pm

>63 RebaRelishesReading: - I am not a scientist, but the CDC just released some guidelines today about what fully-vaccinated people can do.

març 8, 1:58pm

>64 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie. I knew that was coming but didn't know they were out. I'm expecting them to be more about public behavior than small group at home, but may be wrong there. Off to look.

març 8, 2:09pm

>65 RebaRelishesReading: Back having read the new guidelines. Interesting, because our questions was whether we could continue to spend unmasked indoor time with unvaccinated daughter & family if we were also unmasked around fully vaccinated other daughter and BFF. Sounds like CDC would approve of that.

But then, I want a haircut and pedicure. I'll use a mask but is that enough?

març 8, 2:23pm

>66 RebaRelishesReading: - I am planning to get a haircut and pedicure once fully vaccinated, but only at places with strict protocols, and I will still be double-masking outside the house.

març 8, 6:04pm

>66 RebaRelishesReading: I am scheduling a haircut as soon as I get my second shot (for at least two weeks later). I will wear a mask. Would love a pedicure but wary of infection with the new hip (reading about taking antibiotics for EVERY dental appointment for two years, or for life - had you heard this??)

març 8, 7:22pm

Hmmmm I've been able to get a haircut for several months now but always with a mask on Reba. And the salon takes great care with everyone masked and limited number of patrons at one time. I'm fully vaccinated now but wouldn't go into a restaurant. That'll take quite a while longer for me.

març 9, 3:46pm

>67 katiekrug: Hi Katie, I will still wear a mask when out of the house and hope the salon will have protocols in place. Since our move I have had neither a haircut nor a pedi and have no idea what things will be like here but I'm not terribly worried for myself.

>68 AMQS: Hi Anne. I had my knees replaced in 2013 and was given that same protocol of antibiotics for every dental appointment forever. I did that a few times but my dentist at the time was more of a "don't over-use antibiotics" opinion (which I share) and after the first coupe of years I quit.

>69 brenzi: Hi Bonnie. I was getting my hair cut by my long-term stylist in San Diego. Her station was right next to an outside door which we kept open and we both wore masks. I went to her with wet, freshly washed hair. My pedi was done at home, outside on the balcony with both of us wearing masks. Problem here is/has been that I don't know what the protocols are here and don't know any of the salons or people who work there. But a week from today I will be "fully vaccinated" and I'm not really worried anymore. As to restaurants, they're only just reopening for inside dining here and (I believe) still have limitations on occupancy, etc. I've promised Hubby we can to a restaurant "inside" as soon as our two weeks are up.

març 9, 5:07pm

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr*** (audio)

The older sister has been married 30+ years, has two teen-aged daughters, a stay-at-home husband and a very successful law career. The younger sister dropped out of grad school 8 years ago to take care of her aging parents. Now both are faced with life-changing decisions. Very good audio book to listen to while doing something else.

març 11, 10:02am

I was not eligible to receive the vaccine before I left to come to the Outer Banks, but honestly I'm safer here than I am at home. People here wear masks--widespread compliance--and stores continue to set limits on how many may be inside. People where I live don't fully comply--and social distancing guidelines seem to be gone. I've stayed safe. My room offers an ocean view. I made sure my room came with a kitchen, and I've cooked for myself. I found a market offering fresh seafood and purchased some. They had a limit of 6 people inside at once. When I entered, there was a couple in there. I let them make their selections and then I went up to make mine. No one else entered although one couple came in right before I walked out and another couples approached the door as I walked out but waited until I got out. It's off season here, and that helps. I walked on the boardwalks by the marshes at Bodie Island. Although there was a family leaving as I first got on the boardwalk, I encountered no one else coming or going. This has been a nice spring break. I'd like about 168 more hours between now and the time I leave on Saturday morning, but I'd like them to be part of the next two days so I don't have to pay for an extra week of hotel room (which is probably booked already anyway).

març 11, 12:19pm

>72 thornton37814: Sounds like a nice trip and a lovely place to be, Lori. Things are so much nicer when everyone takes others into consideration, aren't they? I wish we could herd all of the mask burners, non-compliers together and let them infect each other instead of innocent people. I'm so grateful that everyone here seems to be aware and considerate of others.

març 11, 2:41pm

>73 RebaRelishesReading: You are fortunate for the consideration.

març 11, 8:29pm

Good to see that you've had both your shots, Reba. I hope you feel able to start doing more adventurous stuff soon. Our first shots are still months away but inside dining came back after the first few months and never went away again although you are only supposed to dine with those from your household unless you live on your own.

març 12, 11:33am

>75 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg. It's a good feeling indeed. Our "2-weeks past the second shot" ends next Tuesday and I have a hair and pedi appointment for Wednesday. Can't wait!! BFF, who has also had her two shots + more than 2 weeks, is coming for a visit week from Monday. I still wear my mask in public but I don't feel as panicked when I see someone who isn't masked (although that's very rare here). All good stuff!!

març 13, 10:22am

>72 thornton37814: That sounds like a lovely place, and a great way to decompress from this past year.

març 13, 6:03pm

Hi Reba! I got a haircut on Friday (all masked). It's so nice to be vaccinated! I haven't done the restaurant thing yet, but when Mrs. Banjo is fully vaccinated, I think we will.

març 13, 6:16pm

>78 banjo123: Congratulations mostly on the second shot but also on the haircut! I'm delighted and feeling somewhat freed about second shot and can't wait to get this hair out of my eyes. Of course, I have to find a new hair cutter and a new pedicurist (I especially hate doing that because my pedicurist in San Diego became a friend and I miss her). But...first experience with each next week :)

març 14, 1:51am

Where The Light Enters by Jill Biden **** (audio)

A lovely memoir of the First Lady's life and feelings about love and family.

març 14, 1:03pm

>80 RebaRelishesReading: Hi Reba. This looks interesting. I wasn't aware that she had published a memoir.

març 14, 1:44pm

>81 BLBera: Hi Beth. It's not terribly long but told me more about her and her life before Joe than I knew. Her thoughts about family relationships was no surprise but I enjoyed hearing her articulate them.

març 15, 12:19pm

març 16, 6:03pm

Davita's Harp by Chaim Potok****

(from the cover0 "For Davita Chandal, growing up in New York in the 1930s and '40s is an experience of indescribable joy--and unfathomable sadness. Her loving parents, both fervent radicals, fill her with the fiercely bright hope for a new, better world. But the deprivations of war and the Depression take their ruthless toll. And Davita, unexpectedly, finds in the Jewish faith that her mother had long ago abandoned both a solace to her questioning inner pain and a test of her budding spirit of independence. To her, life's elusive possibilities for happiness, for fulfillment, for decency, become as real and resonant as the music of the small harp that hangs on her door, welcoming all guests with its sweet, gentle tones."

Potok was raised as an orthodox jew but became a conservative rabbi. The three novels of his that I've read all deal with the differences between these two branches of the jewish faith. In addition to that thread, this book also deals with the impacts of both world wars and the Depression on people in both the U.S. and Europe and with the nature of relationships between people, both actual family members and others who impact one's life. I've loved all three books of his that I've read.

març 16, 8:48pm

Hi Reba, I was just stopping by to say hi, but you got me with Davita's Harp. I've never read any of this books but I'm adding this one to his list.

març 17, 11:52am

>85 Oregonreader: Hi Jan. Hi to you too :) Actually, Davita's Harp isn't my favorite of his but it's still good and I hope you enjoy it.

març 17, 6:28pm

>84 RebaRelishesReading: I read The Chosen a couple years ago. It was one of the first books of the year for me and was the top read of the year! I do plan to read more by him. I just have too many books clamoring for attention.

març 18, 12:32pm

>87 thornton37814: Ah yes, I hear you Lori!!

març 18, 12:40pm

Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd***1/2

This is the second in a series involving Lucy, the adult daughter of a spoiled village vicar and Robert, local land baron who is not yet completely recovered from injuries he sustained in the Battle of Waterloo. In this one, Lucy decides to go to London for "the season" to try to find a husband for herself and to accompany her younger sister who will be formally "coming out". People die, Lucy and Robert figure out who-done-it. Fun, light reading. When this one finished I immediately started #3 :)

març 18, 1:03pm

Hi Reba!

How's the search for a new hair stylist and mani/pedicurist going?

març 18, 1:05pm

>90 karenmarie: Hi Karen. I had both a haircut and a pedicure done yesterday and am very pleased with the results of both so I think I have found them both in one place (and not very far from home) :)

març 18, 9:00pm

>91 RebaRelishesReading: Yay! Hope you felt pampered:) I made a haircut appointment finally. She was too busy to get my in during spring break or any time before, which means she's really busy, and I'm glad.

març 18, 9:43pm

>82 RebaRelishesReading: Ha ha! that's a good one.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday ahead ( now that you are all coiffed)

març 19, 2:07pm

>91 RebaRelishesReading: Hi Reba! Good to hear you found a hairstylist and pedicure in on place nearby. Mine are in the same place too and that is really handy!

Have a happy weekend!

març 19, 4:32pm

>92 AMQS:, >93 figsfromthistle:,>94 connie53: Hi Anne, Anita and Connie. I'm happier about the pedicure than the hair cut, truth be told -- not because I like the haircut less but because I needed the pedicure more. It is nice to have the hair out of my eyes though.

març 20, 4:08am

>95 RebaRelishesReading: Same here. I can live with my hair getting longer and cut some of it myself because it was hanging in front of my eyes. Can't stand that. I have one difficult foot with a hallux valgus problem. So I was feeling my feet with every step I took.

març 20, 12:16pm

>96 connie53: Sorry to hear about your foot Connie. When you feet hurt, everything hurts in my experience :(

març 20, 1:36pm

>89 RebaRelishesReading: I enjoy this series as well, Reba.

>83 RebaRelishesReading: I love your joke as well. :)

març 20, 6:20pm

My long time hairdresser retired during the middle of the pandemic because why wouldn't he. So I've been to two different hairdressers since last June a few times each and I just can't get the haircut I'm used to getting. Very frustrating Reba.

març 20, 8:25pm

Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd***1/2 (audio)

I'm enjoying this series more and more. In this third volume guests are gathering in the village for the wedding of Lucy's friend, Sophia. a friend of Robert. Of course deaths follow and Lucy and Robert get involved in solving the mysteries.

març 20, 8:28pm

>98 BLBera: Hi Beth -- glad you enjoy them too :)

>99 brenzi: Hi Bonnie. Bummer to lose your hairdresser. I had just managed to find someone who gave me an easy to deal with cut in San Diego a few months before we moved so I was delighted to find someone here who seems to do just as well. My pedicurist in San Diego was wonderful both as a person (I consider her a friend now) as well as a technician. I miss her sorely but I think the one who did my toes the other day will be fine and it's convenient that she's in the same salon as the hair dresser I like so much.

Editat: març 21, 12:41pm

>99 brenzi: & >101 RebaRelishesReading:
My hairdresser (had been doing my hair for 24 years) retired in June 2020. I had to find a new one. I did but it is taking me a long time to get him doing it the way I want it done. My first visit I didn't really care as I just wanted it cut! However, since then I have been getting pickier. He is doing fine and I have no fears as all my visits are done with masks on. He even makes me take a fresh one from his box of 3 layer masks - he told me he doesn't trust my cloth masks even though I have 3 layers inside of them as well. He is young and so far hasn't had the vaccine. I hope by my next visit he will have it, and perhaps he will relax a bit - but caution is good in this case. Now, if I can just get him to cut the top the way I like it.

març 21, 12:31pm

>102 benitastrnad: "now, if I can just get him to..." -- ah, the joys of having to change hairdressers.

març 22, 12:02pm

BFF is due to arrive around noon for a two-week visit! We (Hubby, BFF and I) are all more than two-weeks past our 2nd shot so we'll be able to visit like old-times. I haven't seen her since we moved (although we talk at least weekly) so I'm really looking forward to this visit, showing her our new digs and neighborhood, etc.

març 22, 12:13pm

>104 RebaRelishesReading: - Have fun! My BFF is now past her two-week post-2nd shot window, and I will be in early April (my second shot is tomorrow), so we have big plans for getting together, and I'm really looking forward to it :)

març 23, 6:56am

Aw, yay for BFF visits! Have a wonderful time!

març 23, 12:44pm

>105 katiekrug: Hope your second shot goes well today and that you have few, if any, repercussions. BFF arrived safely and was greeted at the door with a hug (gasp...a..hug!!). Soon you too can get wild and crazy like that.

>106 scaifea: Thanks, Amber. We're having a great time already :)

març 24, 12:29am

Death Comes to the Fair by Catherine Lloyd ***1/2 (audio)

Fourth in the Kurland St. Mary series. I liked this one less than the last two but well enough that I will continue with the series.

març 24, 8:45am

>100 RebaRelishesReading: >108 RebaRelishesReading: I'm glad to know this series is enjoyable. I've had it on my radar for awhile. I'll get to it sometime.

març 25, 1:14pm

>109 thornton37814: HI Lori. It's definitely "light" reading but I'm enjoying it. I started another one yesterday.

març 25, 1:17pm

We have a long-tradition of watching movies with BFF (and her husband when he was living) and are continuing that with this visit. Monday evening we watched "Nomad Land" which is based on a book we had all read a few years ago. GREAT book, and very good film. Tuesday we watched "Hundred Foot Journey" -- also VERY enjoyable. Last night we revisited an old favorite "Best in Show" and had some good laugh therapy. Not sure what is up for tonight.

març 25, 8:37pm

>108 RebaRelishesReading: You saved me having to check which the next book in the series is, Reba. It's now on hold at the library. Enjoy your visit with your BFF.

març 26, 6:32am

>110 RebaRelishesReading: I've incorporated more light reads during the last year. Sometimes they work for me, and sometimes they don't. But I'm always on the lookout for more enjoyable lighter reads.

març 26, 8:06am

>111 RebaRelishesReading: We really enjoyed Nomadland, and Best in Show is one of our favorites to re-watch. I haven't seen The Hundred Food Journey, but I do love Helen Mirren. It sounds like you're having a great visit, Reba.

març 26, 8:45am

>111 RebaRelishesReading: - We watched The Hundred Foot Journey a few months ago and enjoyed it. I had listened to the book a couple of years ago and liked it.

Best in Show is endlessly re-watchable.

So glad you are having a good visit with your BFF!

març 26, 11:47am

>108 RebaRelishesReading: I think that's the next one for me, Reba. I should get back to the series. I should check to see if my library has it on audio.

març 26, 12:00pm

>112 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. As long as I'm busy embroidering the Christmas stockings (which will be quite a while yet), and as long as they last, I'll be listening to the Kurland St. Mary series so you can check with me for the order any time :)

març 26, 12:05pm

>133, Hi Lori -- ditto
>114 lauralkeet: Hi Lora -- yep, we're having a fun time :) I'll keep you posted on the movies we watch and do recommend One Hundred Foot Journey
>115 katiekrug: Good morning, Katie. I hadn't heard of Hundred Foot Journey but BFF suggested it so we watched -- so glad we did.
>116 BLBera: Greetings, Beth. I think these are read "well enough" -- not great but they don't irritate me either and this way I can embroider while I listen and I like that.

març 26, 1:20pm

BFF and I are going to walk the Salmon Creek Trail today. We'll do about 3.5 miles. Hubby will drop us off and pick us up further along. BFF would probably just walk to and from but that would involve some serious hills and I'm not up for that.

We got a message this morning that our new table and chairs for the deck will be delivered today...a week earlier than promised :) Now when it gets warmer than the current 46 degrees, we'll have a nice place to sit out.

After dinner we'll almost certainly watch a movie. May make some "bowls" for dinner...not sure.

març 26, 4:04pm

>111 RebaRelishesReading: >114 lauralkeet: >118 RebaRelishesReading: One Hundred Foot Journey is one of the few films I was sorry to miss - I really should watch it and add it to my foodie movie list.

març 27, 12:08am

Oh, hugs from your BFF!! I got two hugs today when I returned to school (non-contact day wth many teachers working form home). We're all fully vaccinated, and hugging seems right after the year we've all had. Enjoy the visit!

març 27, 11:48am

>120 quondame: Hi Susan. It's worth watching and perfect for stressful times imo. I think we watched it on Prime.

>121 AMQS: You're back at school already? It seems like your surgery was just last week. So glad you got hugs -- it certainly seems right to be able to resume that warm greeting.

març 27, 11:50am

Taking a tip from somewhere on LT (sorry to the person talking about it yesterday...I forgot who that was) we watched California Typewriter last night. Loved the typewriter experts in Pasadena and the art but I don't regret the demise of typewriters at all. I spent way to much time in my teens and 20's working on them.

març 27, 12:57pm

Glad you are settling in!

I"ve WL'ed the Miller and the Giraffe saga looks intriguing.

The Kurland Hall mysteries are uneven, some aspects are always solid enough, but others get a little too far beyond the probable somehow. But I can't seem to listen to fare any more challenging than this sort of thing these days.

març 27, 4:24pm

Hooray for in person visits with vaccination! It's starting to feel like life will get back to normal, one of these days.

Editat: març 27, 9:23pm

Death Comes to the School by Catherine Lloyd***

Lucy and Robert's relationship hits a bumpy patch.

març 27, 9:32pm

>124 sibylline: You're right Lucy, Kurland Hall certainly is challenging but I'm spending a lot of time doing counted thread embroidery and I need something less challenging to listen too while I do that. They're fun and fit the bill.

>125 banjo123: Hi Rhonda. Yes it feels like there's hope at last. The day my two weeks past second vaccination came around I felt a lovely sense of freedom even though I still mask outside the house and I'm well aware there are variants popping up all the time and who knows if they'll be covered by the vaccine. Someday...someday.

març 27, 9:58pm

>122 RebaRelishesReading: Yes, looking forward to more hugs. It's been 4.5 weeks since surgery and I took the chicken's way back in to work - a non student contact day with many colleagues working from home, then spring break next week!

març 28, 12:44pm

>128 AMQS: Sounds like you're doing well and made a good choice for easing back into work. Take care of yourself and keep on keeping on!!

Editat: març 29, 2:04pm

We watched a bio-pic of Audrey Hepburn last night which we all three enjoyed and which made us decide we want to do an Audrey film fest for the rest of the week. Netfliks is going to start running My Fair Lady on Thursday so that takes care of that night.

Today may be mostly stay-at-home. I'm washing sheets right now, floors need to feel a vacuum, apple bread is rising, etc. It's raining, so stay-at-home is appropriate.

Oh btw, Audible has a great sale on series today. First in a series $5, second $6, third $7 then they figure they'll have you hooked enough so don't offer deals beyond that :) I've added several to my phone for listening while on treadmill or embroidering. There are some that I don't recognize as part of a series that are also available for $5.

Editat: març 31, 12:30pm

We had a very nice outing yesterday -- lunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge and then a stop at Grant Park to check out the Beverly Cleary statues there and found them decked out with flower tributes.

Mrs. Cleary lived in Portland much of her life and set many of her books there. According to the local paper, she even included Grant Park in some, hence the little sculpture garden to her there.

març 31, 2:36pm

Thanks for these pictures! Ramona and Ribsy!

Next thing you will be making a Beverly Cleary memorial trip to Yamhill and McMinneville, Oregon to see where Cleary spent the first six years of her life. Oh - and you might happen to drink a bit of wine along the way.

abr. 1, 12:25pm

>132 benitastrnad: I'm likely to drink a wine at home :)

abr. 1, 12:26pm

We're off to buy a ham for Sunday and for a visit to Powell's -- first since we moved!!

Editat: abr. 1, 6:10pm

Here's the room by the entrance to Powell's. I had a wonderful time looking but only bought one book, and it's a present for someone else. Knowing how full my bookshelves are and how big Mt. TBR is, I'm quite pleased I was able to restrain myself.

abr. 1, 6:15pm

>135 RebaRelishesReading: I always love looking around in bookstores, Reba. Very good only one book, that isn't even for yourself!

abr. 2, 1:20am

Death Comes to Bath by Catherine Lloyd***1/2(audio)

Continuing listening to the Kurland St. Mary series, I especially enjoyed this one when the first murder takes place in the Roman bath in Bath, England. Hubby, BFF and her late husband and I spent a week in an apartment across the square from the baths several years ago and looked right down into the pump room and the bath. This memory helped make the book very vivid to me.

abr. 2, 1:22am

Tonight's installment in our week of Audrey Hepburn movies was My Fair Lady. I love that musical and the way Ms. Hepburn played the part. This makes four so far including Charade, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Not sure what we'll watch tomorrow night.

abr. 2, 9:41pm

>131 RebaRelishesReading: I have a similar photo of Multnomah Falls from my trip to Portland. I think I took a photo of the outside of Powells but nothing inside except a photo of me and Kim.

abr. 3, 1:39am

You showed remarkable restraint at Powell's. I really love the Beverly Cleary sculpture garden - how wonderful!

abr. 4, 6:32am

Hi Reba. Just popping in to see what you are up to.

abr. 4, 3:25pm

>139 thornton37814: Hi Lori. I imagine there are millions of that photo of Multnomah lol.

>140 AMQS: Hi Anne. Yep, I'm rather proud of myself for that :) The sculpture garden is small but lovely, especially with all of the floral tributes.

>141 connie53: Hi Connie. Thanks for stopping by.

abr. 4, 3:32pm

Happy Easter everyone! This is a busy weekend. Yesterday BFF and I went to Tacoma to the Glass Museum which re-opened this weekend after being closed due to Covid restrictions. It's a beautiful drive and a great museum. Today Quinn and Co. are joining us for egg hunt (he just turned three so this is his first experience with hunting eggs) and Easter dinner. We've got 17 plastic eggs hidden in living/dining/family rooms. We'll see how this goes.

abr. 5, 1:33pm

Easter was fun. Quinn found his eggs with a lot of help from the adults and was pleased with the little strawberry graham bunnies, fruit dummies and (especially) 2 matchbook cars inside. We have lots of yummy ham left for this week. Q's dad helped us by mostly assembling our new grill (to be completed after we get back in May).

BFF left this morning after spending two weeks with us. She plans to come back in October though :) We're leaving on Saturday to visit my s-i-l in Florida and then go to Chautauqua to pick up personal things saved from our place there when we sold it and finally visit some cousins (all 2 weeks+ beyond 2nd shot) in Indiana. We'll be gone for a month but I'll try to post as we travel. Not sure how much reading will happen though.

abr. 5, 1:44pm

Great plans for travelling and visiting friends and family, Reba. Enjoy!

abr. 5, 1:52pm

Thanks, Connie. We haven't had a road trip for almost two years (except for the move north) and we're looking forward to it. Lots to do before we leave though.

abr. 6, 6:47am

Safe travels, Reba, and have a wonderful time!

abr. 6, 6:53am

S'ha suprimit aquest usuari en ser considerat brossa.

abr. 6, 2:04pm

Death Comes to the Nursery by Catherine Lloyd***1/2 (audio)

This may be the end of the Kurland St. Mary series for me. I've enjoyed it but don't really feel the need to go much further.

abr. 6, 2:04pm

>147 scaifea: Thanks Amber.

abr. 6, 2:08pm

I'm busy checking things off of my "to-do-before-we-go" list and have a pretty full week before we leave Saturday morning. I don't know how much reading I will get done in the coming weeks but I'll try to stay in touch as we go.

abr. 6, 2:11pm

Reba, in case I get behind here, I'll send best wishes now for your trip!

abr. 6, 2:17pm

Thanks, Katie. I know you're having a busy time at work right now so I especially appreciate you taking time to drop by. Hope your meetings go well.

abr. 6, 2:20pm

>135 RebaRelishesReading: What discipline, Reba! Impressive.

>149 RebaRelishesReading: Good to know, Reba. How many more are there? I think I've only read the first three or four.

abr. 6, 2:29pm

>154 BLBera: Thanks Beth. I did almost buy another book but it was on a high shelf that I couldn't reach and there was no one taller around to ask for help and it was time to meet BFF and Hubby at checkout so I didn't get it.

I went to Audible to see how many Kurland St. Mary books there are and it turns out there are 8. Death Comes to the Nursery was No. 7 and it turns out I have #8 in my library too so I guess I'm not finished yet. No. 8 was released in Jan. '21 so there may be more coming.

abr. 6, 5:43pm

Your travels sound so exciting -- a glimpse into the wonders of post-vaccination living!

abr. 7, 12:55pm

>156 lauralkeet: I'm looking forward to the trip even though it's not my first choice of places to go or ways to travel but we do need to visit my sister-in-law who is nearly 90 and living alone. I'm also glad we'll be collecting our personal things from Chautauqua. So, it's a necessary trip that will accomplish some things that need doing and hopefully we'll have a good time while we're at it.

abr. 7, 1:05pm

>157 RebaRelishesReading: Coming all that way, do you plan a stop in NYC? Or Boston?

abr. 8, 11:13am

>158 ffortsa: I'm afraid not, Judy. We'll be taking the most direct line to Chautauqua (which is between Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY) and won't be far enough east for NYC or Boston. This trip is very focused on two goals: visit and help my s-i-l, and retrieve our personal belongings from Chautauqua.

abr. 8, 11:20am

Death Comes to the Rectory by Catherine Lloyd **** (audio)

I'm glad I didn't quit this series before I got to this one because it turned out to be one of my favorites. A body is found in the Rectory and the suspects are mostly members of the family. Sir Robert is his usual professional self as he tries to soothe feelings while asking the hard questions needed to solve the murder. This 8th volume of the Kurland St. Mary series was just published earlier this year so there may be more coming.

abr. 8, 2:39pm

Ooh, another Reba road trip! I'll have to get a map of the US ready so I can follow along with your progress :-)

Your Easter sounds like fun and the eggs were clearly a great success!

abr. 9, 12:16pm

We leave first thing tomorrow morning so today is a busy one. I have a last minute load of laundry in. Reservations are made for all but the last few days homeward bound. I have haircut appointment at 1, then packing and a few more things at the desk. Packing will be challenging because we have to limit ourselves to one small suitcase each since the last leg of the trip we'll being bring home a rocking chair, several paintings, my "Roni vase" and a bunch of other things that were in our Chautauqua house when we sold it and were "rescued" by our realtor. Our little Forester will be VERY, VERY full after that stop. Fortunately we're staying in a VRBO in Florida and will have a washer/dryer there. Still I think packing's going to be a real challenge.

Editat: abr. 11, 5:51pm

The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams****(audio)

Four women living in a small town in western North Carolina all have secrets. They get to know each other better, and form a friendship, when there are deaths in the community that don't seem to be properly explained and one of them is jailed as a suspect in one when they know she didn't commit the murder. The book is a nice combination of friendship, dealing with personal pain, and crime solving.

abr. 11, 12:05pm

Safe travels, Reba.

abr. 11, 12:11pm

>73 RebaRelishesReading: With you on the herding suggestion. Our city is full of idiots who don't wear masks, don't face consequences, or wear completely inappropriate hankerchiefs like bandits.

abr. 11, 12:15pm

>89 RebaRelishesReading: I had lovely, escapist fun with some of those Catherine Lloyd novels. They're addictive, aren't they?

abr. 11, 5:38pm

safe travels!

abr. 11, 5:47pm

>164 BLBera:, >167 banjo123: Thank you Beth and Rhonda

>165 SandyAMcPherson: Hi Sandy. I saw a sign a few months ago that I would like to have on a t-shirt to wear some places. It said "don't expose your nose". We're in Utah now and I was stunned by how many maskless people are around not to mention the lack of spaced out tables in a restaurant we stopped at. We got a table at the edge and kept our masks on as much as possible -- and were very glad we're fully vaccinated! Dinner in our room tonight.

And yes, it's probably a good thing I've read all of that Catherine Lloyd series now :)

Editat: abr. 11, 5:51pm

We spent the morning driving through the flatlands of southern Idaho with snow dusted mountains in the distance and bright sunshine overhead. It was a beautiful drive. Tomorrow we get into Wyoming and face our greatest likelihood of good weather. If we keep the blue skies it can be cold and won't be a problem though.

abr. 11, 6:41pm

I imagine as you drive through the country you're going to see all kinds of masked/maskless people Reba. Some people just don't care 🤷‍♀️

abr. 11, 11:54pm

>170 brenzi: I imagine we will, Bonnie, but today was the first time we saw groups like this.

abr. 11, 11:55pm

We just watched Invictus on Netflix. Why hadn't I seen this film before? I thought it was wonderful, a cried half the way through it. Clint Eastwood -- really!?!

abr. 12, 11:01am

Hi Reba!

Happy and safe travels.

abr. 12, 1:12pm

You sound as shocked as I was when I went to Kansas for Christmas. No masks there. You will also have to remember that the vaccination doesn't give you immunity. It only keeps you from getting a morbid case of COVID. I think that room service sounds like a winner - even if it is expensive. Or maybe delivered pizza.

abr. 12, 2:17pm

>174 benitastrnad: You have nailed it, Benita!
Indeed, as you say, the vaccine only keeps you from getting a morbid case of COVID. I will add that the degree of one's immunity is related to how well their immune system mobilises a defense response.

abr. 12, 7:39pm

>173 karenmarie: Thanks Karen.

>174 benitastrnad: Hi Benita. The places we stay in don't offer room service we just bring take-out back home or grab something from a grocery.

>175 SandyAMcPherson: Hi Sandy. I'm also aware that we may still be able to pass the disease on to others so mask up to be socially responsible.

abr. 13, 4:10am

Hi Reba. I hope you have a fine trip and a safe arrival.

abr. 13, 5:59pm

>177 connie53: Thanks Connie. We've finished with the mountain part of our trip so the temperatures are much milder and there no real chance of snow now so I'm confident we will stay safe :)

Ahir, 7:41pm

Reba, I started the Kurland mysteries with Death Comes to London. It's a great escape and I'll be reading the others. Thanks for the recommendation.

Have a safe trip.

Ahir, 8:19pm

>179 Oregonreader: I'm glad you're enjoying them Jan.

Thanks you for the safe trip wishes. We're in Tennessee tonight and tomorrow night and all is going very well. I will be very glad to get to Florida and be in one place for two weeks, though :)