Penguin Classics launches 'new canon' of environmental literature

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Penguin Classics launches 'new canon' of environmental literature

Editat: ag. 26, 2021, 6:16 am

> From Greta Thunberg to James Lovelock, publisher Penguin Classics has come up with a "new canon" of the environmental literature, which it believes has "changed the way we think and talk about the living Earth".

> The move is part of a growing trend in publishing for books focused on the climate, whether from big hitters such as David Attenborough or Bill Gates, whose How to Avoid a Climate Disaster was out in February, or so-called "cli-fi", climate fiction, from writers including Richard Powers and Jenny Offill. Penguin's Green Ideas series capitalises on this appetite, collecting 20 short books it believes constitute "the classics that made a movement", by "visionary thinkers around the world (who) have raised their voices to defend the planet". ...

Sounds interesting, but also a further perversion of the original idea of Penguin Classics as popular editions of establised classics. Silent Spring (1962) can claim to be a classic, but surely neither No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference (2019) nor anything first published as recently as Feb. 2021 can possibly make the same claim?

P.S. Do triple square bracket touchstones only offer series, and not publisher series? Penguin Classics's "others" list only offered me the deleted new series (/nseries/65/Penguin-Classics), with the current publisher's series (nseries/256047/Penguin-Classics) not listed.