Delayed Delivery for 'Alien's Mate,' in the October Batch

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Delayed Delivery for 'Alien's Mate,' in the October Batch

oct. 8, 2021, 3:45pm

Hi All! I wanted to let you know that one of the titles being offered in our current, October batch, has had its publication date adjusted, subsequent to our batch list going live.

The title in question is Alien's Mate by Tina Moss. Currently, 45 people have signed up for a chance to win this book. The publisher assures me that the winners will still receive their copy, albeit a little bit late. Instead of arriving sometime in November or December, they expect the book to be sent to winners in January of 2022.

I have noted this in the giveaway description, and an email will be sent out to winners at the end of the month as well. Apologies for this delay!

gen. 13, 8:52am

Hi... I received an email for the Dec 2021 batch and awaiting a copy to review. Any update on this?

gen. 21, 12:17pm

>2 Tania.Chowdhury: I'm sorry you haven't received this one yet, and I just replied to your private message.

I was told by the publisher that all winners of this title, which was offered both in October and in December, would receive their copies in January. If they haven't arrived by the end of the month, I will follow up with the publisher at that point. Please let me know!

gen. 28, 11:58pm

I still haven’t received this book, I’m looking forward to it and was wondering if I need to still be looking?

feb. 4, 12:10pm

Hi All: apologies for the delayed response here. I was out ill for a number of weeks, and am still playing catch-up!

I have been in contact with the publisher, and have been told that, after a considerable delay, Alien's Mate is being published. Copies will be going out to all winners next week! Please be sure to check your inbox (and spam folders!) for an email from City Owl Books!

feb. 4, 12:11pm

>2 Tania.Chowdhury: >4 Michelle428: I have responded to both of you, via private message and email. Hopefully you will soon receive your copies.

feb. 6, 11:10pm

Thank you for the update!

feb. 19, 10:33am

I still haven't received this book. I've been checking my spam folder regularly and haven't found it. Thanks for any update!

març 1, 11:12am

>8 Jessica_Olin: I have reached out to you via PM, to confirm your email address, and will contact the publisher on your behalf.