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December 2021 Books Received

des. 14, 2021, 9:18am

I received a copy of Mac & Irene: A WWII Saga by Margot McMahon. The author also sent me a letter separately, which I found a little odd. I didn't realize she would have my address.

des. 14, 2021, 9:45am

>1 labfs39: Unless the author is also involved with the publisher, I wouldn't think she would have your address. Would you like me to follow up on this?

des. 14, 2021, 10:20am

>2 AbigailAdams26: It was nothing nefarious, she's working hard to market herself and her works, but it did feel a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps a word to Aquarius Press? I'm happy to receive mail from the publisher, but letters from the author feels intrusive. I'm curious whether other ERs received letters and how they feel about it. It's not a deal-breaker, just odd.

des. 14, 2021, 10:22am

>3 labfs39: I've never received a communication from an author, but I have heard of it being done where the author gives the letter to the publisher, and the publisher forwards it. Perhaps Aquarius did this.

des. 14, 2021, 10:27am

>3 labfs39: It may be as tealadytoo suggests, and that the letter was sent by the publisher, although written by the author. Nevertheless, I'll remind the publisher of our policy, which is that the addresses are provided only for the distribution of the books, and not for any other communication. Sorry about that!

des. 15, 2021, 7:28am

>4 tealadytoo: Hmm, perhaps. It does look as though the same person wrote the note, the return address, and my name, but my address may have been written at a different time.

des. 18, 2021, 6:53am

It’s a little weird… I have gotten separate emails and messages from authors I received Member Giveaway works for.
Like you said labfs89, they were trying to promote their work.
I thought it was a bit off-putting, but as far as I know it’s not against any LT rules for either Early Reviewers or Member Giveaway policies. The emails themselves were polite, just unexpected.

des. 19, 2021, 10:21am

>7 TooLittleReading: Exactly. Unexpected, and I did find myself being a little more generous with my review than I would have otherwise, since she knows who I am and will read it.

des. 20, 2021, 6:34pm

>8 labfs39: I don't think I was so much changing my rating based on their contact as I was finding myself trying to reword my reviews to make sure I was being clear in what I was trying to say ... I had one or two writers on Member Giveaways ask for follow-up on my review for them (clarifying what I meant by awkward dialogue, for example), and one asked me to re-review their work after they rewrote part of it.

Like I said though, as far I can tell, it's not against the LT policies for authors to reach out (at least on Member Giveaways) ... unless I missed it somewhere on the site.

gen. 10, 9:53pm

I received The Last Mapmaker by Christina Soontornvat today! Happy day, and so quick! Thank you Candlewick Press and LT:)

Editat: gen. 10, 11:09pm

>7 TooLittleReading: Actually, using your email/address for anything but sending you the book you requested is against the rules of both programs. They can add whatever they want to the mail/package they send the book in (well, almost anything) but after that retaining and reusing your address is a violation of policy.

Now - if they use the profile here once you post a review, that’s kinda ok - policy wise anyway - it is a public review. But if they use your mail/address and it is not in your profile in LT but in your MG/ER profile only, I’d mention something to LT.

gen. 15, 4:07pm

Hi all! I received an advance reading copy of Cress Watercress by Gregory Maguire on 1/12/22. I'm so excited to begin reading this one. WooHoo!

gen. 17, 7:26am

I gave away a lot of copies of four of my books in a Member Giveaway in October. I realise reviews by readers aren't obligatory but I'm disappointed not to have received any at all (at least on Amazon or other platforms)(. When I obtained a copy of a book in September, I gave it a reasonable review since I felt it was fair to do so. Being an author myself, I know how much authors look forward to reviews. It was an OK book, as in not stupendous, but I still gave it a decent review. At the time I recall having received an email/message from Abigail saying 'the author has requested a review in exchange for this book'. I didn't mind this as I intended to post a review and feel it's fair to do so. I'm wondering if the recipients of any of my books last October will have received similar emails.

gen. 17, 9:43am

>13 pogogill_52: You might want to go to a "Members Giveaway" forum to find out that information.

gen. 17, 11:26am

Title: The ghost in the garden
Date Received: 1/15/2022
Method of Delivery: USPS Media Mail
Sent from: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sent to: Reading, Pennsylvania
Packaging method: Bubble Mailer
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Scribe/Emily Cook
Came with: Nothing

gen. 17, 4:22pm

Title: 365 Days of Covid: A Poetry Anthology
Date Received: 1/17/2022
Method of Delivery: USPS
Sent from: says Lexington, Kentucky on return address, but tracking info says Monee, Illinois
Sent to: Topeka, Kansas
Packaging method: white poly mailer with Amazon logo
Format: trade paperback
Publisher: Sunday Mornings at the River
Came with: two Amazon receipts (one a gift receipt), and a short "Gift for you" note from the editor printed on the same kind of receipt paper

gen. 22, 4:19pm

Title: Lorraine Hansberry: The Life behind A Raisin in the Sun by Charles J. Shields
Date Received: 1/22/22
Method of Delivery: UPS Mail Innovations with USPS tracking info
Sent from: New York City
Sent to: Charlottesville, Virginia
Packaging method: white cardboard mailing envelop
Format: advanced reader's ed paperback, but received 4 days after it was supposed to be on the market
Publisher: Henry Holt
Came with: letter from publisher, which asked for a photo of me!

gen. 22, 4:21pm

Has anyone ever received a request of a photo of a reviewer? Henry Holt & Co. asked for one of me -- which is a first for me.

Editat: gen. 24, 3:50pm

Hi All! I received my copy of The Master Craftsman by Kelli Stuart on 1/21 and I'm so excited to start reading!

gen. 27, 11:54am

Title: Lorraine Hansberry: The Life behind A Raisin in the Sun by Charles J. Shields
Date Received: 1/25/22
Method of Delivery: USPS
Sent from: NYC
Sent to: Tucson, AZ
Packaging method: white cardboard mailing envelope
Format: ARC
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Came with: Letter from the publisher

gen. 28, 4:00am

>19 sedodge: Me too! Our mailbox was vandalized and deliveries are still slow around here. Just got it yesterday (Jan. 27th).

It came with a congratulations notecard for "winning" the ARC copy on LibraryThing here. I guess this publisher uses gets reviews through LT enough to have these cards made up.