Converses100 Books in 2022 Challenge!

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des. 22, 2021, 8:08pm

I read nowhere near enough books in 2021 (my bad lol), so I'm going to give it another go in 2022.

des. 24, 2021, 1:50am

Glad you're game for another try!

des. 27, 2021, 1:51am

I didn’t either but we have to keep trying.

des. 29, 2021, 11:31am


des. 29, 2021, 8:23pm

Good luck in 2022!

des. 31, 2021, 11:04am

Good luck - I hope you have a great reading year.

gen. 3, 1:10am

Book #1 done!

Genesis by Bernard Beckett

I'm not too keen on philosophy. It's one of the two classes I failed in college (the other was botany if you care). This book was pure philosophy on what it means to be human. I was so tempted to call this a DNF at around 50%, but I'm stubborn. I'll stick around to the very end even if I don't like it. I also remembered reading another review that said the last five pages made the book bearable so on I slogged. Wouldn't you know it -- they were right. The twist of the last five pages was interesting and one I did not truly guess. Although the last few pages did keep me from chucking my kindle through a window, it in no way completely redeemed the book.

I give the book 2 1/2 stars out of 5. (Can't remember how to add the visual.)

gen. 3, 2:19am

Good luck with your 2022 reading. Hopefully the next read will be better than the first!

gen. 4, 2:16am

Book #2

Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Galley Another 2 1/2 stars

You ever get hyped up for a book and then read it and just go meh. That's this book for me. It's been on my wish list for a while now and I really thought it sounded neat. I mean, a futuristic western adventure with LGBT+ librarians, right? But it petered out for me around the second chapter when the main character forgot about her dead lesbian lover (only died a week ago) and fell in instalust with the nonbinary librarian. By the end of the book, there was so little character development, I felt nothing for any of the characters.

gen. 6, 8:30pm

Book #3

Exit Strategy by Martha Wells 4 1/2 stars

At this point in the series, I think I'd read a full length book of SecUnit watching episodes of Sanctuary Moon and trying to avoid humans. "I was having an emotion, and I hate that." I've never related to a fictional character more and they're an antisocial Murderbot. Is that worrying?

gen. 7, 5:48am

Book #4

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn 4 stars

At first, this seems like just a delightful little epistolary (fancy word for "in the form of letters") novel exploring an island full of vocabulary-rich citizens who revere Nevin Nollop the creator of the pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." As the book progresses, however, we become mired in a world that devolves into paranoia and mob mentality. Comes off a little eerie for me given our current political climate of the past few years.