January Batch Is Up!

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January Batch Is Up!

gen. 3, 2:19pm

Hey Everyone! We have 1,912 copies of 56 titles available in our January batch.

Which book(s) are you hoping to win?


Editat: gen. 3, 4:09pm

Wow. 56 titles is light, especially with so many manuals in the mix. Hope it's not the start of a trend, more of a glitch due to supply chain issues, holiday burnout, etc.

But the Irene Hannon book looks interesting.

gen. 3, 4:12pm

>2 tealadytoo: I hope so too! The paucity of titles was definitely noted this month. I know from communicating with them that some of our regular publishers are having printing/supply issues. Hopefully that will pass.

gen. 3, 4:20pm

>2 tealadytoo:

56 titles is light,

Only 15 titles, for those of us who avoid ebooks and audiobooks.

gen. 3, 4:35pm

>4 lilithcat: Even ebook supply - at least those which can be win from people leaving abroad - is thin. Never mind, I don't lack other stuff to read :-)

gen. 3, 4:45pm

>5 .mau.:

I don't lack other stuff to read

Nor do I! Somehow, when my sibs were in over the holidays, we managed trips to several bookstores, never coming back empty-handed, and there were a lot books given and received on Christmas.

gen. 3, 5:59pm

Is it just me, or do the manuals for the GRE and Core Java look like the same titles previously offered in the Member Giveaways earlier in 2021?
I didn't sign up for them there, so I can't go back in the lists and check...

gen. 5, 7:39am

Very short list. While I do read eBooks, I have stopped requesting eBooks on the ER list as all of the eBooks that I have won were either never sent or I was unable to load them onto my ereader or iPad. Nothing for me on this list.

gen. 5, 8:10am

>8 manatree: FWIW, I received a free e-book from Simon and Schuster that required that I load a Glose app on my tablet to access it. Although this annoyed me, I wanted the book, so I did it. I found subsequently that Glose has handled the e-books I've won through the early reviewers program here very nicely.