More books similar to The Song of Achilles?

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More books similar to The Song of Achilles?

ag. 10, 6:23am

I just finished, and I absolutely ADORED it. Would love to know if there are other ancient Greek gay romance books out there...anyone know of some?

ag. 10, 6:38am

You have the recommendations on the work page:

There is also a group dedicated to asking for recommendations:

ag. 10, 11:09am

>2 anglemark:, good advice. Looking those over, seems like The Persian Boy and An Arrow's Flight are the best bets.

Editat: ag. 10, 11:30am

Pat Barker's The Silence of the Girls covers the same events. I read them both within a short time & was glad I could compare them. (I don't know why touchstones aren't working)

ag. 10, 1:27pm

ag. 10, 2:08pm

>1 JusBea: If you add some books to your account, LibraryThing will generate some recommendations for you (the automatic recommendations here are VERY good)

ag. 11, 8:07pm

The Persian Boy
An Arrow's Flight
The Silence of the Girls

all of them absolutely worth reading!