Quantum theories


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Quantum theories

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The book (May 2023) from US science professor and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku:


feb. 18, 1:44 am

>3 MaureenRoy: I just read Kaku’s Quantum Supremacy and recommended it highly. He touches on the uses that quantum computers may be applied to & it is fascinating. I still don’t understand how the existing quantum computers are programmed but having one solve a math problem in a few hours that would take decades or centuries for the most advanced A.I. to complete is impressive.
Quantum computers seem to be long way down the road in spite of the headlines IBM & others are generating. I am all in favor of any human health quantum machines as described by Kaku predictions however and hope they get here soon.

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>4 DugsBooks: ……...- Link to Table of Contents for Quantum Supremacy

Scroll to the right 3 pages or so....

Kaku's book is not nearly as detailed as >5 MaureenRoy: article but gives a lot to think about.

feb. 20, 4:56 pm

>5 MaureenRoy: Thanks for the link, I always like to see info that goes over my head. Makes me more respectful ;-)

feb. 22, 12:31 pm

DugsBooks, a forthcoming new quantum application from Apple will apparently become a powerful safeguard for the privacy of iMessages:


juny 17, 9:10 pm

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