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març 31, 4:03 pm

A breakthrough in laser technology, from Romania:

On the question of remediation of nuclear waste via lasers, I would have to see those transactions reported, in order to comment.

abr. 1, 12:01 am

"Other possible applications include treating nuclear waste by reducing the duration of its radioactivity"

I fail to see how a laser could alter the decay rate of a radioactive element. The only mechanism that I can think of off the top of my head would be to drive nuclei close enough together to fuse. That's how the National Ignition Facility fusion system operates. It seems as though it would only make things worse. If you reduce the duration of its radioactivity, then you are making it more radioactive. In other words, you are producing more disintegrations per second. If you had a pure sample, you might be able to transmute it into some more stable via fusion, but I wouldn't bet on it.

abr. 2, 3:28 pm

>2 fredbacon: Thank you for your comment. In a perfect world, I would prefer for the news agency to "walk me through a transaction," as you just gave one example of in your response above. Later this week, when I have more time, I will contact WolframAlpha online to see if they are willing to further discuss this (theoretical?) laser application. If they do not respond, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists online certainly will.

abr. 10, 11:25 pm

>wow, great job Maureen !

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