Discussion - Episode 410: "Sine Qua Non" (SPOILERS)

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Discussion - Episode 410: "Sine Qua Non" (SPOILERS)

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maig 28, 2008, 7:01pm

So, they showed it on Tuesday in the UK so it's up on sidereel as well as other sites. So, I watched it. And I wish I could say it was any good, but sorry, no. It's totally lame.


This show has been so spotty this season. Look, I know they're trying to finish it up in 20 episodes, but it really seems like they're in for the gratuitous confusion, totally unnecessary plot complication angle. Let's just throw a bunch of stuff that will not make any sense given what we already know about cylons and head!people, etc. And not explain any of it, just move on to some other equally weird thing just thrown in there to mess everyone's head up.


Six is pregnant? We assume with Tigh's child, but I'm guessing it's either Baltar, or someone else entirely. Dude, how lame is that anyway? The whole first two seasons were about how the cylons needed to mate with humans. Now we have 2 cylons making a baby, what were the first 2 seasons about? Why the creepy Simon baby factory? If it's really just Baltar, why did it take so long? Ugh, lame.

Lee becomes president? And Zarek just lets him! And Romo is there to put a gun to Lee's head because his cat died or something. Like, am I supposed to believe in or care about any of this?

The only cool part was the fight between Tigh & Bill. The each got in some good ones.

juny 3, 2008, 4:30pm

I loved the fight. I also really liked Natalie's death and crazy Sharon. I think next week is going to be really interesting. Maybe this week they just wanted to set everything up so that everyone would be in place for the episode next week.

The part with Lampkin with really weird and didn't seem to belong at all. The whole Lee thing was a waste of time. I don't think one person in the audience DIDN'T see that coming.

feb. 15, 2009, 10:22am

This episode was truly bizarro-world. I thought most of it was total crap. The only things I liked were the return of Romo Lampkin - which the writers managed to mostly screw up - and the return of Jake. Ok, ok, I know its fan-wanking, but Jake rules!

Oh, I also liked parts of when Romo pulls a gun on Lee. Even though it was totally weird & didn't make much sense - especially with the dead cat (huh?), the part I loved was when Romo lectures Lee and totally calls him out about always having wanted to be asked to be President & that having been Lee's ultimate aim during the whole "presidential search committee" thing. I thought that was actually quite a clever and humorous dig at Lee's character & at the plot development itself. Its like the writers were saying, "yeah, we're doing this & we know its totally stupid, but we're doing it anyway because its what's got to happen." That amused me.