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New England Bookstores

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juny 28, 2008, 9:48pm

Old #6 Book Depot, Henniker, NH.

A barn. Full of books. 8 ft. shelves downstairs. 14 ft bookshelves upstairs (most of the nonfiction is upstairs). Just south of the center of Henniker but north of Pat's Peak ski area. It's so densely packed with books that when one asks where the restroom is, one is told to follow the 'pink string" (which weaves its way through the labyrinth and's quite an adventure).

We recommend making a day of it. Depending where you are coming from you can easily add Boomer's Books in Weare, the Henniker Book Farm also in Henniker, and Books by the Lake in Bradford. We also recommend a lovely lunch at Daniel's which overlooks the Contoocook river in the center of Henniker (we are also told there is a good Mexican restaurant in town. Make sure you do the Book Depot first if you can.

In winter, you could do skiing and books. Henniker is a college town: small college, small but nice town center. It is west of Concord off Route 9 on Route 114, northwest of Manchester, north of Milford/Amherst.

Makes for a nice date, even if you are married.