Finding other people's tags: anthology


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Finding other people's tags: anthology

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ag. 14, 2008, 10:59pm

I'm tagging my anthologies by type; literary anthology, genre anthology, theme anthology, national anthology, anthology by language, science fiction anthology, poetry anthology, Western literature anthology, etc. (It's frustrating that some are adjective/noun anthology, and some are anthology of/by adjective/noun, but that's the more natural form.)

Right now I'm looking for the most natural tag for anthologies of humor, preferably one that's been used before. But random guesses aren't finding me anything, and there's no easy way to search used tags by subtags.

ag. 15, 2008, 2:38pm

(I'd probably tag a bit differently, so a science fiction anthology, would be tagged as "Science fiction" and "Anthology", but I see the point with some of the others. I _think_ I'd tag them Anthology by genre, Anthology by theme, ... just to keep the tags in a similar form thus making sorting by tags more useful.)

To answer your question though :-) You could select some choice specimen of type "Anthology of humour" that you share with many others, go to Book information, Main page and see the tag cloud for that book. Hopefully that will suggest something useful.