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Book cataloging software for Macs

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Editat: nov. 10, 2008, 12:00pm

If you don't use LibThing as your only way of cataloging books, what software do you use?

I only have a subset of my books listed on LibThing. I love Bookpedia from Bruji, after having tried every other Mac cataloging software available (I think), including using a custom database in FileMaker for years. I especially love it now because I can access my database via the free Pocketpedia iPhone app, making it handy for looking up my books at the bookstore, for instance, so I don't buy duplicates or skip the next one in a series.

Pre-iPhone, while I was using a Palm Treo, I had to export the database from Bookpedia as a comma-delimited file and used Documents To Go to import as a spreadsheet for the Treo. It worked fine, but was not as convenient, of course.

BTW, I also use Bruji's DVDPedia for keeping track of our movies.

nov. 10, 2008, 12:38pm

I have used EndNote for my book database for several years; before that, it was in a Panorama database (Panorama is a general database program, not tailored specifically for bibliographic data the way EndNote is).

I still maintain that, and that is where I keep the "acquisition" data like price and where and when I got the book.

EndNote also supports exporting to a handheld device in CSV/Excel format.

gen. 2, 2009, 8:51pm

I use Librarian Pro - it can catalogue just about anything you could own, separating them into their various categories: books, music, movies, etc. Pretty easy to use, and allows you to record a lot of information about your items.

feb. 19, 2013, 10:54pm

I have Bookpedia - but not sure why I need anything more than LibThing.