Used bookstore in Portland area -- relgious books...


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Used bookstore in Portland area -- relgious books...

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des. 15, 2006, 4:55pm

Can anyone recommend a good used bookstore in the Portland area which would have a good selection of Christian books? In particular, I'm looking for quite a few older books from the Lutheran, ECUSA, and larger Anglican tradition, as well as some things that might come from more of a Roman Catholic lineage.

Powell's has some, but it's clearly not their focus...


des. 22, 2006, 5:38am

Pilgrim's Books on about 90th (?) and Stark, but it might be more evangelical leaning.

des. 30, 2006, 9:36pm

Visited Pilgrim's Books a couple of hours ago. Lots of material, but not a lot of success. Their Rapture and Creationism collections have grown since my last visit. As I checked out, I asked the customer service person if they could recommend an Anglican or Catholic used bookstore in the area, and they looked as if I'd inadvertently passed gas. An embarrassed pointer to Powell's was the most they'd offer me...

Nevertheless, I did pick up Robert E. Webber's Worship is a Verb and Worship Old and New, both of which were on my list. Oddly placed in the clearance rack amidst some Hal Lindsey and even more dubious... curious.

Amused to note that, when my father and I stopped for a quick pint at McMenamin's on Stark nearby, I had a rather long conversation with the barkeep based entirely on the cover of Webber's "Worship, Old and New". Don't know if the evo crowd at Pilgrim's would be scandalized by the beer or enthused about the witnessing. Enigma, enigma.


març 13, 2007, 1:24pm

JA, what sort of used books are you interested in? Are you looking for modern titles used to save a buck (I can relate to this!), or are you doing historical research? If research is your goal, you can't beat some of the ebookstores, abe, amazon and such. Smaller sellers online list out of print titles and university press titles often for not too much.

Some titles run $$ though. I yearn for a set of Abbey books that are...oh...only a meagre 3,500 dollars. (Insert Sobbing here).

I have had good luck with Kessinger Publishing, though. They are reprinting some older and valuable titles for paperback prices. I just picked up The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt by Alfred Butler, and The Medieval Hospitals of England (which were of course churches and priories) by Rotha Mary Clay and Lord Bishop of Bristol.

One other place to try is They turn books from the public domain into etexts, and are constantly adding titles.

març 13, 2007, 2:05pm

ric, not to be rude, but ander already specified that he (I'm assuming Ander is a guy) is looking for stores in the Portland area (Oregon or Maine?) This sort of implies brick and mortar stores, not online. Also, the title specifies that he's looking for religious titles, and he further specifies in the post that he's looking for stuff on Christianity. Once again, sorry if I come off as rude or anything, but it just gets too me when people respond to a thread without bothering to carefully read whats being asked.

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Child of Light:

I didn't think Ric's post was inappropriate or that it indicated s/he had not read the original post. Yes, the original poster was looking for a brick and mortar in Portland, Oregon (which, I could say in your manner, should be obvious since he posted in the "Oregonians" group), but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be open to other suggestions as to where he could find the sorts of books he is looking for (since he doesn't *live* in Oregon, but was here on vacation visiting family at the time of his original post).

In addition, the books Ric mentions picking up at the online spots he recommends (The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt and The Medieval Hospitals of England) are both related to the history of the Christian movement, so he clearly understood the inquiry was for Christian materials. The sites and publishers he mentions (such as Kessinger Publications, a source someone looking for an out-of-print Christian book might not know exists) are appropriate recommendations for someone searching for older books on the Lutheran, Episcopalian, Anglican, and Catholic traditions.

All in all, I found Ric's post quite appropriate and helpful. Yours was not, as it in no manner related to the original question, which, ironically, is a concern you express about Ric's post.

Not to be rude, of course, but it just gets to me when people respond to a thread without bothering to carefully read and understand what is being said.